HELP please for smell proofing a glass piece

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  1. Okie doke I need all the opinions I can get about this problem I have. The deal is I need to get my Helix 3 piece bubbler back to showroom fresh. It's spotless & shiny but it still has a faint smell of tobacco lol. I need some options that keep the labels safe but will get rid of the aroma. I just need it to be back to smelling like it did when it was in the LHS
    Any & all suggestions would be most appreciated
    Here's what I've tried already
    • ISO/salt shake & soak for ten minutes
    • Simple green lightly on outside. Inside soak for an hour
    • Dish washing soap with hot water for an hour fully submerged
    • Distilled white vinegar inside soak for an hour

    Thanks in advance for your responses. :)
  2. Light an incense in it, squirt some lemon juice in it, send it to china for a year.
    I use iso and sometimes salt for my pieces.  Always keeps it clean.  Do a purple power(commercial bong cleaner) cleaning every few weeks and it smells better then new.
  3. Thanks guys!! I'll try the mouthwash & lemon juice since I already have both. I'll post here if it works. I'm still open to any more suggestions yall have :)
  4. try letting the alcohol / salt sit over night. i do it like that and none of my pieces smell funky after words. well i wash it with soap and water after the alcohol, but you get what i mean. good luck man!!! :metal:
  5. Put the bowl piece In a zip lock and take the water out of the bong

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  6. make it smell like insence lol. the only way iv ever been able to return glass was if it still had that headshop smell. one i actually took a couple dabs from, didnt like it, cleaned it, let it sit beside an incense and they took it back because quote "i can tell you havent used it, still smell like my store".
  7. I would say no to mouthwash. I did it once to one of my pieces and when I smoked, it was like I was smoking menthol weed it sucked. But also, why would you smoke tobacco in a bubbler? I mean I don't smoke tobacco, so why not just buy it make your own cigs?
  8. Ok, if you want to get it on a plane or a train, you should not be worried about a tobacco smell. But if you are trying to scam someone by telling them it was never used, or try to take it back to LHS for refund, then shame on you.
  9. He isen't really smoking tobbaco out of it lol .

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  10. ohhh haha I skimmed through the question and wasn't really paying attention. I was gonna say, who the fuck buys glass for tobacco?!
  11. Try using a citrus based degreaser, specifically a degreaser with limonene listed as it's active ingredient; it's great for cleaning pieces and the limonene is really good at cutting smells.
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    Ok so I'd like to clear up a few things that keep coming up here lol
    It smells like tobacco because I smoke cigarettes & that smell sticks to everything.
    I'm not trying to be a douche & scam somebody with my piece haha. I'm trying to get it back to LHS smell because my shops doing me a favour & is going to help me get one that functions correctly. Once I got it home I noticed that the air flow isn't quite right. I told my LHS & they said if I can get it back to normal they can take it to their distributor for a replacement (which can't happen if they knew I had used it). They're doing me a huge solid so i'm trying to have this Helix perfect smelling so I can get one that actually functions.
    Thank you for all of the responses. I'm about to try the incense theory since I like that smell anyways. I'm still open to more suggestions that aren't what I've already listed me trying (alcohol/salt/soap/etc)

    Oh & btw I'm a lady yall
  13. Alcohol and salt and swish it around a lot for a while it will come off for sure. Make sure its a high % alcohol like 90%

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  14. Put it in a kiln at 1050F for an hour.  There will not be anything in it.
  15. i read in another thread that a blade used CLR to clean a very nasty bong.
  16. simply green over night.... it doesnt work over an hour man 
  17. Fill container with water 1/3 of the way, freeze it.

    Put piece in plastic bag and seal, roll bag tightly and place in container on top of frozen water.

    Full the container 9/10 of the way up with water so bag is submerged.

    Put container in freezer and let sit for 12-16hrs.

    Remove from freezer, at this point there should be no smell coming from the piece.

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