Help please. First time trying autos.

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  1. This year I decided to try to grow a couple of outdoor autos, one gorilla glue auto, one candy kush auto, and a seed I don't know the genetics on. The autos are around day 25ish but don't seem to be growing like they should. The Reggie has about a week headstart on them. Can anyone tell me what could be going on or if they seem to be growing correctly.

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  2. Id say maybe nitrogen deficiency or over watering
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  3. It's been raining for weeks and we've got another week of rain coming up. Thanks for he tips though. Nitrogen deficiency you think? I grow organic so what would you suggest to straighten them out? Do they look like they're starting right for the two autos?
  4. Im running my first autos this year they seem to be lot more finicky id say the light green yellow if not overwatered would be nitrogen im not sure on organics
  5. It might be the rain
  6. Are yours just growing tall like that?
  7. Im doing lst training on mine
  8. I am a old photo basment grower did about 10 year bid now the autos and leds are most prevalant thing out so that what i popped for my outdoor grow this year im seeing cal/mag defenicy in mine never had a issue with that before
  9. Seems autos are quick on the defencies
  10. They look about the same size if I had tied mine down. I've thought about trying to steak mine down to low stress train. I'm just so used to growing in the ground.
  11. They're stressful
  12. Pots and inground causes a lot of differences mine are in 1 gal pots was going for stealty and i got too small
  13. Iv alwalys used 5 gal buckets of pro mix under 10 400 watt mh hps these odd defencies never seen before running these autos i think they are more temperamental
  14. This my first round with autos so hopefully it something you get used to are these your first autos
  15. I've only grown out doors with unknown genetics until this year. Here's a couple pics from last year. I didn't even water this plant. I just let it do it's thing naturally other than topping it. These pics were in September other than the dry flower. It was a plant that was in a half gallon pot that had fallen over and forgot about. I just happened to find it. It just grew and curved up towards the sun and grew one little cola.

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  16. I grew two autos indoors; they worked out well.
    I decided to do an outdoor auto grow.
    Rather than push a seed into the ground,
    I vegetated my plants, indoors, until they started showing flowers.
    I, then, buried the 2 five gallon pots into the soil.
    That seems to have worked out well, but the outdoor plants
    don't look anything like the indoor plants; SAME SEEDS!
  17. Maybe that's why mine looks strange. I started them outdoors straight in soil.
  18. It was just 'my take' on how to best do it... for me.
    I have NO idea how they will work out.
  19. Maybe mine will come out ok. What do you think? Do they look healthy to you for 30ish days?

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