HELP PLEASE! f**king ebay idiots

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  1. i got this light from ebay for $40
    before i bid i asked the seller if it came equipped with ballast and they said yes
    they send me an email monday saying
    that the guy posted the wrong item
    and that the full setup with ballast and bulb would run me $110
    so i emailed them promptly back to find out what i needed to do
    to either get a refund or have them charge extra to give me one with a ballast
    ..i get my package today and

    how can i make this work since these idiots screwed me over!?
    if u need pics to see what im talking about just ask..

    but in my opinion "greatlights4less" succccks assss..pardon le french
  2. anyone?
    it would cost quite abit to send back/modify so im just needing some suggestions
  3. Remind them, politely, that you paid for what was listed. And therefore you should receive what was listed and paid for. If they disagree and continue to try and rort you and be unfair, make sure that you leave the appropriate feedback and report them to ebay, make it clear that this isn't what you want to have to do, but you feel it's the right thing to do if they will not honour their side of the deal.
    Do NOT send it back, or send more money, as how do you know they'll start acting honourably from here on in?

    Now as far as the lighting, wost case scenario *i.e. they and ebay both let you down...hopefully paid for via paypal etc?*
    You could either modify another cheap hps bulb and ballast without reflector (postage should be a bit cheaper too), or use this to mount a row of CFL's for while you start growing/veg cabinet, and keep hunting for that perfect HID deal.

    Good luck buddy:bongin:, sorry to hear about your misfortune.

  4. thanks ya thats basically what i was going through in my head..
    but if they do screw me over, they will get complaints through ebay and paypal but the fixture still has the part where the bulb goes..
    how could i rig it for a cfl? it seems huge lol
  5. Whatever is in the listing once it is closed is what they legally have to send to you. Its a legally binding contract not just for the bidder, but for the seller as well. He has plenty of time before the auction closed to notify you, but instead chose to tell you after the fact. You want to be stern, but politically correct (I guess you could say) at the same time. If they refuse to send you what was in the auction, you should then report them to ebay and leave them bad feedback. Thats what I would do if someone was trying to fuck me over.
  6. this company "greatlights4less" is aweful at replying to any of my messages all the sudden..funny huh? this should be interesting...and not fun whatsoever
  7. Tell me about it, alot of companys on ebay are. I ordered an external hard drive case so I can use it to hook up to my Tivo HD and I emailed them 3 days ago and havent recieved a single message as to when I am going to get my package. If it doesnt show up in the next week I'll end up taking the advice I gave you and report them. I feel ya could always take them to judge judy lol, i saw a case she did on some ebay scammers about a year ago.
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    I would buy a nice ballast from a hydro store and get a refund for the bulb and reflector from ebay.

    There's all sorts of buyer protection on ebay and paypal so you'll get what was advertised. Do you have a link to the ebay posting?
  9. Report to eBay and/or file claims with payPal... if that is what you used.

  10. haha well one time i bought some WRX rally stickers from Thailand and never got them and paypal refunded me because the company never sent them

    it didnt come with the bulb..just the reflector and bulb fixture and wires sticking out

    heres the ebay link:

    i still have the email where i ask: does this come with the ballast
    and the reply said yes it has the ballast with it
    that is the ONLY reason i bid on it

    i would like to give the seller a day or two to reply and if i get nothing back then i will escalate the issue
  11. has anyone tried to wire a hps fixture without a ballast? lol
    i hooked up my other lights wiring myself but the ballast was built into the flood light and i was super tempted to try to do the same think knowing there was only a reflector and bulb socket w/3 wires
  12. still pissed
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    ^^^^ this. File the complaint with paypal, you can always cancle the dispute if the resolve it. If not you get your $$ back, and you can keep the reflector ;)

    If they're fuckin around not answering your email dont waste your time file a complaint right away dude.
  14. if they do fuck you around.......just go pick up a ballast for the size(250,400,600,1000w) and type of light(mh/HPS) of light you got.....i repeat donot fuck around trying to hook up anything else to'll just make problems worse.....

    and definetely leave NEGATIVE feedback on their EBAY profile.......
  15. is wiring up a light fixture to a ballast pretty easy? never done it before..
    but ive never wired a floodlight before either..haha homedepot is very helpful..
    but im sure they dont have hps ballasts..
    any links to a 250/400w ballast u could suggest?
  16. well looking at the light it is HPS light for sure....not sure on the wattage but find a ballast at the SAME wattage........hook-up is easy... postivie negative and ground....tada.... what color are the wires coming out of the light reflector??? white black and green???

  17. correct sir black white and green
    you can use it for 150-1000w..
    i figured 250/400 would be perfect
    ill have to post up pics of the thing tomoro
  18. ya the reflector is for any size light but what is the actual size of that light in the pic??? or did they just send you a reflector and that's all????

    ps. that an ek civic under your profile???

  19. they sent me something that looked exactly like this besides with the three colored wires we discussed and no cord

    and yeah thats my ek2:hello:
  20. Get a 400watt ballast from, Get a DIY ballast kit, build a box for it wire it up (i'll even help you).
    Cant hard wire hps they need a cap and igniter.
    You can buy metal project boxes, or modify an old PC tower to hold your ballast as well.

    I usually don't buy things I can't touch first. I know in the case of growing, you need to mail order alot of things, and it is best done through a reputable company. I can vouch for

    All have excellent service, DH has the best warranty service on ballasts IMO, PLH has the lowest prices on most items, and WW has the cheapest shipping and some items that PLH and DH do not carry.

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