HELP PLEASE ! Everything was all good til I fucked up the other morning.

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  1. This is my first time really growing. Live in AZ, yes I know. Outdoors, didn't germinate, planted seeds in ground on 4-25-17, use fox farms ferts and the grow big.. i have been using a 2L watering can, i first will water tge soil with like 1/2 L of plain water then i fertilize about 5 minutes later, putting 2 TBS of the fert and then I only put like 1-1.5 tsp of the grow big; every 2 weeks I put 1/8 tsp of great white shark root enzymes and once a week I put 1/2 tsp of carboload and 1/2 tsp of rhinoskin.. recently I've been putting 1/2 tsp of cal mag in there just because, no reason at fuckin all.. I do the nutes every 2 days, watering every morning though, About a gallon. So, here's the situation, the other day I woke up early as he'll, like 445. I decided he'll I'm up, might as well go water the plants and give them their food; mind you on this morning 7-4-17, I decided that he'll my plant is growing like 1-1.5 inches a day and is showing pre flowers and has pistols on 3 nodes, so ima give her a boost.. meaning, in each of those nutes above, I poured over the watering can onto the measuring spoon, which means a lot more dropped into the can then usual, not tomention I had my head that is double up on all the nutes, but still use the 2L watering can.. stupid right.. I'm leaving out something important, I went and bought tiger bloom, told myself I'm not gonna use it yet and wait another week or 2 for it to really hit flowering.. that morning I put a teaspoon of that in along with the grow big, SMFH.. I did this with the cal mag too.. now the reason I'm sayin potassium is because I also have another separate plant I'm using advanced nutrients on, use cal mag , doubled up that plant and the tips are bleached.. so looking at the symptoms and research of the big plant, it's my assumption.. I flushed for 2 days, used like 15-25% nutes and cal mag again in a GALLON container, watered yesterday with a GALLON.. today I used the GALLON container and just put 2-2.5 TBS of fox farm fert and put like 2 tsp of grow big;nothing else.. these are pics from today.

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  2. Those silvery spots on your plants look just like a problem that I am trying to deal with now that I believe is caused by a little bug called thrips. If you look real close on the leaves can you see these little worm like creatures on them? And when I say little I mean little.
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  3. I'm not real sure what you're so up in the air about. I really didn't see anything on the pictures that gave me cause for concern. To decide whether your plant has real issues or not, you always look at the new growth. Your new growth looks just's putting out new growth the color change in the new leaves sprouting out at the top, and looks perfectly healthy. When you have things happening on older growth (lower leaves that have been on the plant for awhile), 99.9% of the time it's nothing. You will have older leaves die off all throughout the life of the plant and it's normally the oldest foliage that dies off first. The spots look like water has splashed on the plant. I didn't see any holes in any of your leaves and if you had thrips, it would be much more obvious than what I can see in these pics. I think you're freaking out over nothing.

    As far as nutes go....keep in mind they are nothing more than plant food. And like anything else, it needs different nutrients in different proportions throughout it's life in the difference phases/cycles to get optimal growth. But LIGHT is much much MUCH more important than the chemicals you pour into the plant. To use them effectively, you need some sort of a base knowledge of what the plant uses at what time during it's growth. Just blindly pouring nutes in because some company said to usually gets you nute burn. Nute burn always manifests itself by burned leaf tips. At the rate you've been feeding your plant (by your post above), I couldn't imagine you having a deficiency of any kind...more like you would have a toxicity from over feeding, but I don't see that. As long as the foliage color overall is that rich blue/green we associate with a healthy MJ plant, your plant is likely quite healthy from a feeding perspective. But if you want that plant to grow it's best, make sure it's getting every single hour of strong sunlight possible during the day. Nutes feed them.....LIGHT grows them. To many new growers get the idea that nutes are responsible for growing a big plant and getting a nice harvest, but that's not it. Nutes are needed to keep the plant's nutrition in line, but light is the most important element of growing any plant and most especially when you do indoor growing. Can't be the sun as a light source though and you'll never match the harvest weights from indoor and outdoor grows because of the sun being the ultimate light source.

    I would advise you to take the time and go to YouTube and watch some videos about nutrition of the MJ plant and learn more about the different elements used (magnesium and calcium being the top 2) in growing these plants and learn how to use them with better understanding. We use very little nutrients above the soil we grow in, but we run an indoor setup and grow in prepared soil so our grow "season" is quite shortened from the natural one.

    The more plants you grow, the better you get at it and the more it makes sense. But you can really help yourself out by doing a little reading and research into the plant, growing it and what it needs to do it's best. No matter how fancy the bottles are, the nutrients inside are the same and it's the mission of the nute makers to put dollars in their pocket. You'll find you can get the same result from much cheaper prices simply by getting a better understanding of managing the nutrition of the plant. We use a dry nutrient combo called "Jack's" which is made by J.R. Peters. They have a two part combo (veg/bloom) and I can buy enough to last me several years for under $20. It works just as nicely as any of the multi-bottle combo packs you see at the grow store or on line, and cost about 1/10th the price.

    But your plant looks good to me. There is a video series on YouTube called NPKUniversity. This older fella knows his stuff. He's kinda boring to listen to, but he breaks down the nutrient intake and needs for the MJ plant during it's life time so you understand what to give and when to give it. But your plant is looking fine so far to me. It won't have too much more time to grow before you'll begin to see it start to put on buds because the summer solstice was around the 22nd of June and hours of light will progressively shorten from that point on. The hours of light getting low enough will trigger it to go into flower, and you don't get much growth in size after that. It will spend the majority of time until harvest working on finishing out the buds. But if you can get it to the finish line, you'll get a decent harvest from it. You'll really need to be on guard for bugs once the resin starts to put on the buds good because it sort of acts like a magnet for pests, etc. When we do outdoor plants, we sprinkle them with general garden pest dust during flower to keep the butterflies from laying eggs on the buds and them hatching out caterpillars. The more humidity and wet the soil, the more likely you'll end up with bugs. So make sure your drainage is good and you don't keep your soil soaked all the time. Best of luck. TWW
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  4. Damn thanks man I appreciate that.. but you see those pics I took of the younger leaves at the bottom ? Yellowing in the middle, color is going away and the tips are getting frail.. I was thinking maybe I'm tripping over nothing and plants leaves for and come back that's what it's supposed but this is my very first plant, so yo me I'm thinking the worst. But I'm realizing that since the plants getting bigger, and stuff in the middle is now filling out and the fan leaves are huge, it's covering them and they're just not getting light. Bit then I said naaaa because now I'm starting to see interveinal chlorosis on the oldest fan leaves. And idk of this is the plant getting rid of the old and bring in the new or.of I fucked up and have some type of toxicity or loclout.. I flushed the past 2 days, gave 25% strength on Thursday and then 50% today... what if it's something else? And the top of the plant. The leaves are kind a twisting and what not, I assume that's from the heat, it's been 110 average out here.. I'm outdoors remember, I have a shade cover and a rotating fan back there so that's why it's been doing well I assume, but sun isn't a problem here.. are you sure it's not nute deficiency because of overriding cal mag?
  5. I definitely know it's thrips, I see em flying. I have those trip traps set up by my plants.. I keep a fan going out there too. Kinda helps. It's the inevitable outdoors.. rather thrips then mites of any kind.

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