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Help Please.... Drug Test on the 13th, smoked 4 times last month.

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by TastyDank1916, Feb 7, 2014.

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    Hi all,

    I'm new here. I never smoked before last month, but last month I smoked 4 times. First time, an unfiltered joint, second time, two bong hits, third and fourth times, filtered joints, the last time being the afternoon of January 31st. I was also sharing with friends all these times, I wasn't smoking the whole things myself.

    Now I have a drug test on the 13th. I'm really scared I wont pass because I smoked a week ago for the fourth time.

    Do you guys think I'll fail? And also it's for the navy, I'm taking it in the recruiting office.


    Stay lit.
  2. Not at all you're fine, just drink water and pee a lot if it bothers you, but you don't have to
  3. You should be good if you keep your water intake at a good level. As much as you smoked it shouldn't take more than 2 1/2 at most. And since you've never smoked prior you should be good to go with consuming good amounts of water.
  4. Thanks bro, I sure hope everything is all out, I'm gonna invest in a drug test cup from CVS and use it in the morning to make sure everything's gone for sure....

    Thanks bro. I'm really paranoid. I'm 18 but if the Navy kicks me out over that, I'm kicked out for sure. I am ALWAYS hydrated, just one obsession of mine to stay healthy. My urine is always very clear so that's one thing I don't have a problem with.
  5. Well if you are in the Navy you shouldn't be smoking, but this can be a good thing right now because you are also getting exercise which is another plus to getting it out of your system faster, sweating.
  6. Yea and I'm planning to run two miles today so I hope that gets some of the stuff out too. OMG I'm so worried.
    Excercise burns fat...and that will do more for cleaning THC out of your body than flushing your system ever will. Might want to do at least a mile a day. Whats 12 minutes a day when your future is at stake. And Thank you for your service!
  8. With the amount of bud you smoked there us a good possibility you will fail. Mj doesn't get out of your system nearly as fast as what other people are saying. What I would do is dilute it the first time then when they retest you will be ok. 13 days isn't as much time as you think. I've failed when I've had a month notice. And that was with working out every day.

    Just be careful. You'd rather have to retest bc of dilution than fail the first time right?

    Better to bd safe than sorry.

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  9. Yeah that's true. They give the tests where you piss in a little cup with some strips on the side and them if there's one line showing it's positive. It's not a lab test fortunately or I'd be fucked.

    So do I just add some warm water to the cup to dilute it?
  10. Water and cranberry juice....but you should be fine. If you aren't going to be watched just use fake urine (quick fix) it has instructions on what to do....I use it every time my job decides to pop me for a random

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    I won't be watched. Is it possible I can put water in the cup? Will that make it a negative?
  12. No don't put water, I say go with quick fix,it tells you how to warm it up, slip it in your waistband when you go in, then just pour it into the cup and you're good to go

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  13. Can I buy some from you? I need some by the 13th. :'(
  14. Find it cheap online or buy it at the smoke shop

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  15. considering youve only smoked 4 times in your life, and i assume youve consumed bout 3g or so, you're fine.. if you take in huge amounts you can keep thc in you for 3 months. but since you have smoked 4 times only, that joint you used friday afternoon should be out, since youve smoked so little so far
  16. I hope so man... because it's so important I'm getting a friend to get me clean urine for the test..... however, I'm considering buying a tester at CVS first to test myself... this really is scary....
  17. Will you pass? probably, but I would still be worried if I was you. The day of the test do some kind of dilution technique and you should be fine.
  18. Lol bro don't worry. Its a cup strip test your good.. This is jus the recruiter. If you fail they don't give a fuck. They will jus tell you come back in a week... Its more paper work for them and then they possibly lose a recruit. I signed up in 09. And 2 weeks is plenty of time I jus passed 2 different tests smoking habitually 3 weeks clean no exercise jus lots of water a few days before. Bout a gallon of cranberry every 1-3 days. With how little you smoked you'll be good in a week if your height weight prop. Don't trip they are literally jus seeing if you'll pass one at meps when they send you in a weekish.

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  19. LOL man, actually I'm enlisted and in the DEP (Delayed Entry Program) and they said if I fail any of their drug tests I'm discharged. This is why I'm so worried.
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    They can't discharge you your not sworn in yet lmao. They can say never mind but I didn't know u already signed. Like I said jus water and cranberry juice and you'll be straight don't even worry. Thing about strip tests there not as precise. Your drug test that will matter is soon as you get to Boot camp. You could still change your mind you sign the final papers and swear in on your ship date . little advice for boot camp everyone has a job in your division. Go for MA. BUST YOUR ASS IN BOOTCAMP! they choose 5 people to get a promotion. MA. Apoc and arpoc usually always get it. Also do the dep book shit. That and passing your PRT (mile and a half in like 12:00 depends on age. 42 pushups in 2 min and like 50 sit ups) know your phone tic alphabet. Know ranks of enlisted + officers the order, and also what they look like. You do all that you'll save yourself a year and a half and make petty officer within a year. Well depending in your rate and what promotion is. You'll be eligible for it atleast

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