Help please Does this look normal?

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  1. This sour kush plant is now 11 days old from seed. I germinated my seeds in an aero garden led, and after signs of first two serrated leaves I transferred the plants into a 2 x 2.5 grow tent, with a 300 watt led full spectrum light. Temp is steady 75-80, humidity is 45, and the soil is biocanna organic. One plant if perfectly healthy, but the other has it's new leaves growing very disformed. Any ideas? ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1413745010.526963.jpg

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  2. I would think it was heat stress but if you say the temp is 75-80 that shouldn't cuz that .  
    do you get those seeds from a breeder or are they regular bag seed stuff ??? could be some sort or deformity. The color's off your Led make the pic harder to see   :bongin:
  3. Just like with all living organisms sometimes you get fucked up genetics... even from "top shelf" parents there will be some deformities in a small percentage of offspring.
  4. I have a white widow that sprouted and was messed up, leaves on only 1 side and it looked like a hot mess. But as long as you can keep it healthy you should be good. My is looking great and the missing leaves helped with LST, I just bended it down to the side with missing leaves. Good luck

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