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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by SciFreak, Aug 10, 2008.

  1. Allright I was thinking about buying a carbon filter agaisnt the smell, but I HAVE NO IDEA how to set one up or even what to do with it? From what I've understand there is a fan on top of these carbon filter cans right? And then you can choose to have an airline conduct it? please tell me, because I want to control smell (closet grow, 250 MH/Hps, 3 feet by 3.5, hight ceiling) But I don't want any airlines, because I don't want to put a hole in the wall. I need some really good info's on them and how to set them up, I've been googling all morning and all I get is shit being sold online. Otherwise I was thinking about buying a Uvonair (what size would you recomend, but these are a lot of cash). PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:confused::(:confused:
  2. Please somone help me understand what the fuck they are, and how they work.!
  3. ok well carbon filters are just cans with carbon in them, for my first grow which was hastly assembled cuz i had to leave i just set the carbon filter in the room with a fan on it and it worked as long as there is air being pulled in threw the carbon filter it cleans smells out. you dont need ducting alot of people do it too keep temps down and get rid of smell.

    so if you have your temps in a good range 70-80 id say just hang the carbon filter with a fan on it and thats all.

    need more clarifications?
  4. that's right, you don't need ducting. you can just use it as a scrubber.
  5. THANK YOU SOO much!! I've been waiting for an answear for sooooooooo long! What size do you think I should use? And by using it as a "scrubber" it will keep the smell of my babies down right?
  6. THank you, soo much again. Would you personally recomend this over the Uvonair ( I heard they are bad for humans and plants.) And Should I wait to buy it until my babes flower, or should I just go get one right now? And is it possible to use it for 2 month and not touch it again and then use it again, or the lifetime is straight up 8 months?
  7. i use a can fan 50 i like can fans there well known, get it now! plants still stink in veg and any smells have the ability to compromise your grow. id say buy a can fan lots of people use them never heard of the other one you mentioned. plus you can buy canfans as a package so it comes with the filter and fan. as far as i know carbon will be fine over time but dont get it wet, i think getting it wet messes with it. use it for 2 months store it away and use it again for another grow or two then replace it, carbon does get used up over time though by absorbing the smells.y
  8. Thanks again for all your help, here is my last question with a can fan, I still don't need to use ducting I can just put it in the corner of my ops, right. Does the Fan go on top and suck the air into the can ? Do I get it, if not please correct me.
  9. the can fan comes with a fan, the filter sits in the corner of your operation, and then you put the fan on top of the can fan flange and plug the fan in and there you go it works, no ducting at all. just a can fan in the corner of the grow room filtering your air too keep things clean and smell free!

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