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Help please Cant identify issue

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by FoX_, Aug 18, 2013.

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    HI all  :wave:  Thanks for stopping by!
    For info on my environment check out the link in my sig.
    I had/have mites! i know this for sure but I'm not seeing many more mites after i released ladybugs and trimmed leaves! 
    bottom right leaf is from a healthy seedling i have under flouros and the rest are from the AK-47 i have vegging under the hps!
    And now browning spreads...Think its a nute issue? i havnt watered in two days in fear it may be Root rot and want to dry this out... please any advice would be great!!!


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  2. oh and this browning occoured ovr the past two days after i trimmed alot of the similar looking fan leaves off!!!
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  4. thats a phosphorus deficiency.
    Ammonium phosphate is a great source
    check your pH and apply a PK heavy fert if pH is in range. (half feed always when correcting defs)
    Observe. If the browning/purpling stops, reduce. If not give her another dose accordingly.
    do a google image search on phosphorus def or visit one of the many symptoms and solution threads to confirm.

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