Help please! Burnt crispy leaves.

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  1. My runoff ph was around 5.0 two days ago so I flushed it to 6.5. It has gotten worse and worse since then. Do I need to be patient or is this something else? I purchased some garden lime and I'm gonna work it into the soil after it dries out a bit.

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  2. Some more info. It's an auto northern lights in fox farm happy frog 5 gallons mixed with 25% perlite. I'm using an hlg 100v2 at 24 inches from plant. Temp is 77f and humidity is at 50%.
  3. Ummm... shit looks like a light burn but that's normally at the tops, Cal-Mag maybe, could be a deficiency of sort.
  4. What is your RH like? I've never seen that on a pot plant but my pachira aquatica (money trees) at the office look like that after the cleaning crew over waters them, the leaf dies and the dead leaf then sits in the 30% RH all weekend to dry after dying from lack of oxygen
  5. I figured it could be calmag deficiency from ph nutrient lockout. I picked up some garden lime. You think I should put that in right now or wait til it dries a bit?
  6. Unsure on that, I've never used it myself
  7. It's at 50% in my 4x4 tent
  8. I'd play with the pH first then. At 50% RH that probably not the issue. I've never played with garden lime, as I know if a powerful soil base and I have alkaline water. Sounds like you might want a base so it may be spot on for you.

    If you are just looking for an organic soil amendment that will add Ca without changing pH bonemeal is available at walmart and home depot type stores. Egg shells also work buy much more slowly. For a health issue like this, personally, I'd turn to the bottled nutes but I'm not growing true organic or anything like that.
  9. What is the runoff PH of the water?
  10. I was recommended the dolomite lime for the acidic pH issues, it's suppose to balance it out at like 2 tablespoons/gal. I have Cal/Mag plus and FF trio nutes but I was worried that the cal/mag issues were due to pH lockout and not just a cal/mag issue in itself.
  11. It is now 6.5 pH, it was 5ish a couple days ago. I can't be 100% accurate as I'm using the General Hydroponics solution, not a pH meter. I have a pH meter on the way, though.
  12. Ah, so anything below 6.5 you begin to experience both Cal and Mag deficiencies, gotcha. You think the garden lime may be able to fix my soil pH issues and Cal/Mag def or should I just use Cal/Mag plus?
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  13. If you are using bottled nutes I actually find GH pH (the standard blue bottle liquid) is a strong fast acting base. Lime I'm sure can be used but Im just not sure if it work like soil sulfur, when you add sulfur to lower soil pH it doesn't actually change the soil pH until it is digested by bacteria which makes it slow acting.

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