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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by newtoit1, Sep 25, 2010.

  1. Ok so I made a passive intake uncovered in floor and now with 19 days left I have the tiniest white flying bugs I have ever seen. Well I should say they are smaller than the white flys I have seen before and are jumping and flying off the bud leaves, fans ect. Also found what looks like trip sized shaped ones not flying on top of my black topped rez lid. Question: should I neem em or will they do any real harm in these last days? Have neemed late in flower for spider mites with no ill effects but rather not if don't have to. Just don't want to lose all this work so late in the process. Thanks.
  2. That sounds like a bad infestation. Thrips, Fungus gnats... both maybe. I would spray with 19 days left. I don't like to use pure neem oil in its raw form. I use End All from Safer. It is a mixture of clarified Neem oil, Pyrethrins, and insecticidal soap all in one.

    I've only used the regular End All, but it looks like they have a new version called End All II.

    Anyhow, it smells much better than raw neem, and it breaks down quickly.

    It works well for me. I've used it a week before harvest, and it had no impact on the flavor or quality of the smoke.
  3. Fungus Knat eh? Hmmm. What the f is that? What do they do? Does it mean I have a fungus? Plants look fantastic actually so very scared. The thrips seem to be only on top of rez lid so don't get that either. But I only think they are thrips, never seen anything that looks like em though so pretty sure.. To clarify, the white flying ones are very small, smaller than normal white flys and very very white! Look like the size of an aphid actually but are not and I have seen larger aphids.. I have used ferti lome triple action plus, basically only active is neem in it, in the past and it always worked but have only had mites before so this is worrysome to say the least! Thanks for your help too....

  4. Ok looks like a fungus gnat is not white from what I read, the thrips look like thrips or larve stage of white flies. fungus gnats larve eat roots, only proplem besides spreading desease, thrips we all know about. have to spray like you said I think. Wish me luck...

  5. If they still look healthy, that is a good sign. Good luck. Death to all life forms that would do your garden harm.

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