HELP PLEASE!! Brown spots on leaves (picture)

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by Sun_Devil, Jan 27, 2009.

  1. I received a couple of opinions on one forum and I would like to get more just to make sure I do the right thing... Here's my original post:

    "My clones have been kinda wilting ever since I moved them into the bigger pots. It's been about a week now, and today I see brown spots on the leaves. PLEASE help me figure out what's wrong!

    This is my first grow and I don't exactly know what I'm doing... I "inherited" the setup from someone else who could no longer keep it at their house and now I need help!

    Thanks in advance for any help you can offer"

    I attached the picture below and here's the response I was given:

    "The plant is drowning from too much water and no air in the soil.
    Ya should have added some perlite or vermiculite to add air and drainage.

    The bottom line is ya have to transplant them to different soil or grow new seeds or get new clones.

    Ya have to have vermiculite or perlite in the soil. "

    Could you guys please let me know if you agree with the response I received... I really don't want to transplant but I definitely will if I have to.


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  2. tell us more info,

    what kind of soil
    how old
    what kind of nutes
    how often do you water
    what size bucket
    what kind of lgiht
    how often is it on
    what kind of fan/ventalation

  3. What kind of Soil:
    Cheap stuff I mixed... 50% top soil, 25% manure & humus, 25% peat moss

    How Old:
    I'm not sure... As I said, I "inherited" clones from a friend who could no longer keep them. They were ready to be put into the bigger pots as soon as I got them, and that was one week ago. They're about 5-6" tall

    What kind of nutes:
    I just added nutes for the first time two days ago. I used Pure Blend Pro Grow, and I mixed 30% of what the label said.

    How often do you water:
    Every other day.

    What size bucket:
    Not sure exactly... diameter is 13", height is 11".

    What kind of light:
    600 Watt Metal Halide

    How often is light on:
    24/7 for the last week, before that, they were under 24/7 flouros

    What kind of fan/ventilation:
    In-line duct fan hooked up to the light. Rated at 250 CFM or so. Room is just 8'x4'x8'

  4. well u have a severe nutrient deficiency for sure, which one im not positive. did you happen to mix any perlite into your soil? i dont see any so im guessing no. there is not enough oxygen getting to your roots and they may be suffocating.

    go to and he has pics so you can diagnose your nutrient deficiency
  5. you need to mix different soil with a bunch of peralite so oxygen can get to the roots and it helps with drainage so the soil doesnt stay soggy for too long cause root rot and what not.

    also do you have any ph or tds meters?

    your plant looks liek it may have a nitrogen deficiency.

  6. Sorry, one more important piece I left out: I tested the pH today and it's too high. I mixed some pH down into the water today so that the water was about 6.8...

    I was told pH problems can lockout the nutrients. Do you think if I add sand or perlite to my soil to fix my drainage problem and fix my pH problem I will solve the brown spots and the droopy leaves?

    I really need these to perk up and get growing... they're clones and the mother plant is gone. I don't want to lose this strain.

    Thanks for your help
  7. Airrate your soil put your fingers in the soil and make little holes but dont hit your roots because it will stun them and then add some fertilizer to your soil it should fix the problem
  8. no need to poke holes in the dirt with your fingers. the problem is much more than that.

    remix a bunch of soil, and transplant that fucker into something with peralite in it. i have never used sand so I cant testify to that.

    when you say you tested the pH how did you go about doing this?

    what kind of pH testr do you have?

    you need to do a water runoff pH test. if you dont know what that is, its when you let the water run all the way through the plant, and the water that drains out the holes in the bottom of your pot is collected and tested for pH balance. if too high or low, you flush the plant with pH corrected water

  9. I just used a cheap pH tester where you take a sample of the soil (I used a sample from about 2" deep) and add water. Then drop four drops of a liquid on there and match up the color to their chart.

    I will just remix new soil with peralite.

  10. no problem. if you do that, and get the pH in check, i would imagine your new growth should come in nice
  11. Okay, I kept the same soil and just added perlite to it. I added 28 quarts of perlite to 12 of the pots I listed earlier (13" diameter, 11" height).. do you think that's enough?

    Also, the soil was still moist from watering yesterday... should I wait until tomorrow and water as usual or is there something I need to do different?

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  12. if the soi is still moist, i would wait a bit. also when you can, get a better ph meter so you can do a proper ph test of your runoff water
  13. What type of meter do you suggest?
  14. pretty much any digital ph meter will do the trick. you cant count on the color changing ones for ph run off tests, and you cant use the ones u just stick in the soil.

    get a digital one for sure. if money is an issue, check ebay and your local
  15. How much should I water? The amount of water I've been giving them (around 200ml every 2 days) doesn't seem like it would run all the way through the soil and out of the drainage holes.
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  17. SHIT! Just got home from work and it seems they're wilting more than yesterday... why is nothing working? This is pretty discouraging. Any advice or should I wait for my seeds and start over? I wanted to keep this strain and this'll put me back a month...

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