help please anyone getting frustrated with seedlings!!!

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  1. :mad: now that seedling is growing really slow- I actually have the lamp at 3-1/2 feet awaynow- but its a 400w bulb. I have 2 other seedlings about a week old and they look weird- the cetalydons or whatever are looking healthy but the stems are 2 inches and just little specs of the 2nd leaves to come- and they're curling a bit. I have an AC running- so its not the heat- should I run my humidifier? or is it maybe too small in my closet for a 400W bulb?- the closet is about two feet in depth and 4 ft in width and 9 feet in height and the soil is perfectly moist- please anyone:eek:
  2. someone? anyone? ok anyone have pics of seedlings at 1 week old so i can at least compare:confused: cmon GC friends Im counting on u to give me some kind of hope for these babies
  3. that space is perfect for that light ... id try n keep the heat no more than 78 and the humidity no more than 50%.... a light breeze will help strengthen the stalks ..... and overwatering is the main reason any of my seedlings ever die
    maybe let the soil dry up a bit to let the roots search for moisture to grow a little and shake any possibility of root 0.02
  4. Your bulb is a bit far from the plants. What is the temperature in the grow room? What type of soil are you using? What is the PH of the soil? Don't add any fertilizer yet. Pictures really help. Get the bulb about 2 feet or 24 inches from the tops of the plants and have your fan blowing towards the plant tops and the light.
  5. thanx- I decided though to go with my gut and to go w/ 120w plant lights that I've had from home depot- just until the seedlings get stronger- how close to the light should they be?
  6. Just so you know, your plant light is on the bottom of the list of good CFL's to use. If you decide to start with it put the tops 3 inches away from the light.
  7. i kno theyre bad lights- but i grew w/ them before and they were fine-theyre doing better and the new seedlings are doing pretty well with them too so far - they are only a couple days old tho, so we'll see in the meantime I'll move them closer- theyre about 8 in ches away now- and then in a couple days to a week move them into the MH/HPS 400 and then when ready to flower switch to my HPS400- does that sound do-able or will this f__k it up even more- I'm just sick of burning the seedlings lol:rolleyes:
  8. Sounds good
    Do you have a fan on them?
  9. I have one blowing in and 1 blowing air out of the closet- so 2 fans. I have the seedlings now back on the 400w- I kno cant make up my mind- now im thinking the seedlings were initially stretching cause now they look good now that theyre closer to the light. I dont know but theyre about a foot away from the light and im about to go move them farther away say two feet after reading these posts- let me kno what u think:confused_2:
  10. I have grown with the 400 watt HPS for about 3 years now. I think you should keep them under that the entire grow. Keep them 24 inches away at first and if you have your fan blowing them and the room does not get too hot, you should be able to move them to 12 inches away. Here is a heat stress test: If you can keep your hand over the tops of the plants for a few minutes without your hand burning, your plants will not burn. I currently have my 400 watt HPS about 5 inches away from two of my colas and no burning.
  11. yea- its been a day since my last post on this thread- and they're doin much better- two feet away from light and so healthy- except for the two that stretched like crazy- I think I might just trash those- whaddya think- can they actually turn out to be good plants?
  12. they are still seedlings of course grow them, they could be some spuer potent buds that your throwin out, once plants get out of the seedling stage anythiing can happen, just make sure they are dancing for you in the fans breeze, that will get a nice stem goin so they can support their [hopefully] future buds. good luck man and dont trash nothin till you see balls!

  13. I agree.
    I currently have two female cloning mothers that during their early weeks got super stretched out. I actually had to leave them in the dark for about 4 days. At the start they were a few inches tall and after the 4 days in darkness they grew to at least 13 inches tall and got very lanky. I then sexed them and found they were females and used them as cloning moms. They are still alive today at over 6 months old, and I have gotten lots of great clones off of them.

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