Help please! Another doctor abandonment case.

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  1. A little background, I'm a late 20's man, had my jaw broken in 3 places and a hairline neck fracture, which I got a neat titanium plate with 6 screws in my jaw, and my jaw wired shut for 2 months. 5 years later, the chronic pain developed to a level that life was just completely unhappy for me, sharp, aching pains radiate through my jaw down to my chin, and a constant tension headache from the muscles in my neck.

    I'm sorry to sound desperate, I'm not quite sick yet, but my pain doctor has discharged me for refusing a mid month drug test and count. She did this cause I was passing all tests, even though I was taking my prescribed meds (that might have been due to the fake sample that was given because these "physicians" will not treat a cannabis smoker).

    After reading the new rules on our family's forum here about no other illicit drug use, I'm going to avoid mentioning anything specific that's legally prescribed to me anyways just to show my respect for this forum, who's made me into the Johnny WeedSeed Blade I am today, and I really need local advice. I've tapered down my legal medication dose in order to lessen the sickness, but it's not very fun, and now the pain is coming back. I need to find a new doctor is Atlanta, GA, but really need one that doesnt test, or would only test me once. I have xrays, MRI's, documentation, I just need a name and number. Please contact me by Private message so we don't offend our community.

    If no idea there, can I get some help from a person who's been there and can help me with a list of herbs (other than cannabis of course), other meds, exercises, whatever that could help replace my daily opioid use.

    Thank you Comrades. Jah bless.
  2. Damn bro, sounds fucked up. I'm guessing Georgia isn't an mmj state?
  3. na most mmj states are western n NE states
  4. I'm gonna go ahead and bump this for ya
  5. Damn american health care industry. I'm sorry for all your pain and troubles brother. I hope you feel better and find a legitimate and compassionate doctor soon. Peace.
  6. kava kava

    its a tea from the store

    valerian root (vitiman store)

    just some relaxing herbs.

    yoga????? could work.

    uhh are you withdrawing or looking for pain cures?

    get fresh lemons
    fresh ginger
    peel lemon

    blend with ginger

    add honey

    i think ginger is like asprin...
  7. Wait, I'm confused. Your doctor refuses to treat you if you piss dirty? Why are they even piss testing you? I've never once been pissed my a doc...

    But, as for more natural remedies. I don't know much about jaw injuries, but I really fucked up my back a few years back, to the point of almost being paralyzed. Yoga really helped me out. After about a month and a half, I stopped taking the pain meds, and just did yoga. It stretched everything back there out, and really loosened me up.

    I have no clue what jaw yogas there are, though... >_>
  8. I'm guessing his pain doctor doesn't want him using his unmentionable-on-here medications in combination with other illicit drugs, ie. Cannabis. I've been treated for back problems due to high school sports and injuries, but never had a doctor test me. They just monitored how much medication I was using, and when the right time was to tamper down.

    That sucks, bro. I know how it feels to be stuck in that pain and want your medication, but also want to enjoy the ganja, because it can take the edge off the pain, as well. Good luck! :wave:
  9. Just go through your health insurance directory of Preferred Providers and find another doctor man.

    I guarantee you will find one who doesn't refuse to treat you because you smoke.

    Never in my life have I ever had a doctor care that I smoke. They put it in their notes and that's about it. Maybe they'll give me a short preaching session but never drug test me or anything.
  10. I don't know much about pain medicine, but the only reasons they should be testing you is if there's counter indications that they need to know about in order to safely prescribe you other things or if they think you are a risk of addiction/trying to obtain drugs for recreational use.

    I'd recommend going to a new pain doctor and being up front. They shouldn't be able to deny you treatment unless one of the above reasons is true.

  11. Or a nice poultice made from maize. haha :p
  12. Appreciate the compassion man.

    It's a crock, aint it? I could of sworn that "Hippocratic Oath" they have to take when they become physicians prevents them from doing harm.

    Um..nope. She definitely is doing me some harm by getting me dependent on 3-10mg of that synthetic commonly used to treat the harder one (yall get me) along with 4-5mg common breakthrough meds daily, then just drops me like a bad habit and says "Good Luck". That should be illegal...I mean really, how are you supposed to trust you doctor when you have to fear being cut off suddenly from meds you're dependent on. Evil...really evil.

    Yea, I'm pretty familiar with kava, ginger, dandelion, ect. I like to think of myself as an herbalist, so the first thing I turned to was herbs (and herb. haha).

    After doing some thinking man, I'm going to go through the withdraws. I need to rid myself of these things, they have too much control on me. What if the world were to end tommarow and I couldn't get them? What then? I can't live knowing that I'm at the mercy of a substance. A little scary talking about it honestly.

    Oh, and I really appreciate the feedback. If I'm not mistaken, haven't you left me feedback of another nature before, when I got popped and spilled my guts early? Beat the case btw. Amen to good lawyers.

    Yea, 2 out of the 3 pain doctors I've ever been to here in GA have had regular random piss testing. A simple Whizzinator and synthetic piss did the trick while I was only on those common breakthrough pain meds, as they're short term meds and I just said I drink a lot of water and take detox herbs on the regular, but as soon as they put me on those that are used to get people of the harder stuff, which is supposed to build in your system to be effective, they got suspicious and this happened. Oh well, everything happens for a reason, I'm a firm believer of that.

    I'll look into yoga for sure, been meaning to hit a walk-in class for a while now, you guys might have just gave me the push I need to get on in there finally. Thanks!

    Yes and no jo (haha), you're right that they don't want me using "illicit" drugs as these substances generally have "unknown interactions with other drugs" so no they definitely dont want me on anything but what they have me on. However I think there's a more malicious goal behind it too, not from the doctors, but the DEA, and those who control them. They want to make it as hard on us as they can, my comrades. Just as they did the black race during Segregation and slavery, just as they did to the Chinese during the industrial revolution, and now it's our turn to take the heat. We'll go down in history as no different than these other groups that were equally persecuted and oppressed. But if history has taught us anything, it's that truth always prevails, and the righteous always rise above tyrant pigs. Stand firm, brother.

    Thank you for the support man.
    I'm afraid the DEA has been jumping their game up quite a bit on doctors that prescribe narcotic medication, especially pain management clinics here in the South. They regularly review patient records (a violation of our privacy IMO) to see if a doctor is over prescribing, prescribing to a patient who pisses dirty, ect. And they are making it worse, and worse, and worse. So bad that even the "success stories" in the matter have sad endings, I.E. a patient is honest with her doctor, who just so happens to not care and informs the patient that they will ignore such a substance. Time goes on, until one day, a piss test is popped, the patient informs the doctor of the cannabis, once again it is dismissed as irrelevant, except this time in a week or so the doctor calls the patient and effectively says he cannot treat them any longer and must wash his hands of them. I read about 5-8 stories following that same template. That shows me that the situation is progressing down. Quick. We're reaching the vertex of our struggle, and soon everyone will have to choose a side, and be truthful and faithful to that side as only one will prevail. I hope we can win this time, and finally put an end to this oppression. Or maybe they will once again put the genie back in the bottle. I prefer the former.

    I'd agree with you, and in fact the first pain doctor I went to I was up front about it, and said I've smoked most my life since I was 15 and it helps me feel normal. He said I would have to choose between the cannabis and treatment from his offices. So no, being honest is not only generally unwise, but it could leave a permanent mark on your medical record that could be impossible to shake. Not a good gamble in this state. Sadly...

    LOL" Your Fucking Poultices don't work for SHIT!!!!" hahaha
  13. You know, this whole situation right here is why people doctor-shop and get meds from multiple docs. It makes people like me who dont wish they did, for sure.
  14. Sorry mang, idk what to say but i hope all goes well. I gues look into something that really relaxes you to help, yoga or meditating.
  15. You have to be open to the idea that cannabis and the drugs being prescribed do interfere/multiply with each other and that it actually is important for you to choose one or the other. I'm not saying this is definitely the case, but you have to realize that he/she knows a hell of a lot more about pharmaceuticals than you.
  16. All will be well. I'm a Lvl 2 Reiki practitioner, it's helped me a lot, but takes so much out of me that meditation is replaced by what little sleep the withdraw will allow me. I've got help from family to come down slowly, if it wasn't for them, I'd really be hurting. But for the most part, I'm stepping down a 1/2 a pill at a time, which is the recommended path, but this week it was a solid pill, down to 1.5 out of 3 a day, with a few halves of 15mg common breakthrough a day this week. Next week is 1 out of 3, and 2 7.5's a day. Send me your prayers if it's not too much to ask. I'll hear them.
  17. This is very true. But when I considered my own human tendency to agree with my own conclusion regardless of conflicting facts, I researched it. Tests/Trials have shown that Cannabis does interact with opiates. In many of the test subjects, it increased the effectiveness of the opiates/opioids, and in the words of most of the conclusions I read, decreased the needed daily intake of the drugs. You may notice that my daily intake was not much, but the effect of withdrawing from the drug feels like my soul is being torn from my body. It hurts bad.

    But my life doesn't end here, it's being reborn, and no-one said life was without pain. In fact, I think we all know, and have heard, the opposite is true.

    Life is pain, and will remain so until we learn what we are here to learn. And I'm afraid that is going to take us some time...
  18. See? See? I helped by bumping

  19. Yes, you did. Grab your smoking device, next hit's on me. :smoking:

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