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  1. Hi guys sorry if this seems repetiative but I wanted to repost in another section here. I'm new to the forum and to growing not smoking lol :p. n-e-ways I'm setting up a little grow area
    10'L x 7.9'W x 6.5'H (pics of area will be coming soon. it's nothing overly fancy but I have painted the walls (white) and insulated the ceilling with reflective insulation I have wood floors so i was thinking of putting some sort of dropcloth down. I have a big pull up door like a garage door almost and have a heavy canvas dropcloth that is being rigged up about 3 feet from the pull up door to ensure no light leaking in when need be :) the space above is my actual growing area though. I wanted to just start with a few plants so I can hopefully harvest some decent bud for personal use and then also get a mother plant out of it as well (which of course then I hope to skip the germination process in the future and just clone from) I am getting a bit confused with all the contradicting information I keeping finding. I haev a few basic questions hope you all can help.

    1)what would be sufficent lighting for that area that will not be overkill but I can also use if I expand my amount of plants? 2 400watts? 600 or 1000??

    2)I am completely clueless and unfamilar with the equipment for ventilation and odor control. recomendations? I plan on getting an aircooled reflect thats about all I know.

    3)can I use the ORGANIC miracle grow soil? I also have worm castings, fish emultion and the closes thing to rapid gro as I could find here, what other nutrients adn fertilizers will I need?

    4) Will i still get good results if I germinate my seeds directly in my jiffy pots? or should I do the paper towel thing?

    5) after germination what would my next steps be? How long do I wait to transplant? 2 weeks?

    6) LST should I use this method on a plant I plan on having for a mother plant or is this most beneficial for just those I want to bud?

    Ok well I think that will get me started atleast, and any advice from experienced growers is appreciate, please if you dont know WTF your talking about dont try to pass the advice on!!!

    All of this is fictitious and under no means should what I say be taken literally. This is all hypethetical. If for some reason this was not I would be sure to follow ordinace under strick california laws
  2. ok you are asking a lot of questons here that all sum up into one thing how to gorw mj. go read some of the stickys at the top of the forms ther are many grow guides all of this site as well. a good begining set up would be 1 600w light get a 6 in inline fan to cool it get another 4 inline fan to move air into the room and build a carbon scruber. as for soil i would avoid mg. go with foxfarms ocean blend. its all organic. i use earh juice ferts. i use grow and katylist for vegging and for flowering i use bloom and meta k. they seem to work awesome but i have only done 1 grow with them. they are 100% organic as well. as for starting seed the paper towl is an awesome way to do it. its the way i do it as well. hope this helps a bit
  3. Ya I have read alot, and know that was probably alot to ask lol. What my main concerns are the actual equipment to use, I mean I have grown other stuff in my garden tomatoes peppers ect.. so I figured that the nurients and stuff and actual groing would be similar, but never indoors so thats why i am most curious as to ventilation and odor control. thanks for all the info though. does anyone know anything about Suncourt brand for venting? there is a 6in set up with that that does 250 CFM would that be sufficent enough if I also have an oscollating fan? also what do I do about odor control, Im not very familar with all the equipment so any recommendations would help :)
  4. 250cfm depends on how big your area is. if its small like 4x4 it will be fine as for order control make a carbon scrubber or just go buy a carbon filter at home depot and you should be alright
  5. my room size is 10'l x 7.9'w x 6.5'h that is the actual grow area the room is larger though.and so I just ask for a carbon filter is there anything that goes with that. gosh i feel really inept on this whoel thing. lol also do you think 2 400watt MH lights will work ok for that area? thanks
  6. well any sized light will work it just depends on how many plants you have and mh just in case you didnt know is for vegging so you will need a mh and hps for your set up. and yes just go to hme depot and ask them for it. their are different ones but most you just hook your duckting right up to them and you are set to go. if you are goign to run 2 lights get a 250 cfm fan for both and you should be alright. does your room have ac?
  7. I knew the MH was for veggie state and the HPS good for flowering but my concern is sprouting which light I should use, is it imperative to use floru. for sprouting? no I dont have ac in this area. it is insulated though, not that itmeans much. as for number of plants, Im not sure yet I want to grow the dozen seeds I have and try to get a good mother out of it and then see what I can fit comfortable in that area from that.
  8. well if you want to gow 12 plants you dont need 2 light one will be just fine. start you seed under some cfls or flo tubes. they wrok great. just make sure when you put them under hid lights tha the light is further away then normal cuz the plants will get sun burned. for your mother. i would have 2 or 3 for best results. but thats just me
  9. ok I kinda wanted to get my area set up so I dont have to do to much revamping to it when i add all I have to do is just turn on another light, that sorta the level i wanna be at. so if I start my seedlings on flos when do I switch em to my MH and how far away do my flo lights have to be from the seedlings?
  10. oh i see what you mean then. good idea. i would keep the flos about6 to 12 in from the plants. if your hand feels hot at the plant level then move the lights up. i would switch them to mh after about a week or 2. just depends on the strain and how many lights you have. what are you starting your seed in.
  11. I have some ww n bud ice that I got from my brother awhile ago so i figured i just use wot I have. I have jiffy pots (peatmoss pots) I'm going to germinate in papertowels first then once they pop out I'll put them in the jifypots

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