Help!! plants withering and leaves "V" folding

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  1. Alright guys, pretty much the pictures will explain the just of it. Besides the ammount of withering and the "V" in the leaves everything seemed to be going extremely well for 1 week old plants. they have been growing very vigorously. Something was telling me the root systems outgrew the small starter planters which ive never had happen until 2 weeks or more of growing but i transplanted a few to see if it made a difference. its been 2 days, the color seems a bit better but still the V and withering. Temperature is a constant 68 F and lighting is 2- 100 watt 2700k cfls, 3- 40 watt 2700k's , and 3- 40 watt 6500k's. Nute's are BC's full lineup (obviously not using them all right now) I used Thrive B1 green when i transplanted and misted the foliage. I beleive i may have been overwatering when they were in the small containers so i cut back quite a bit. ph is a steady 6.6 on the drain out. Could the actual soil ph be too low and be defic. in Calcium. I have CalMag to add if so. PLEASE HELP. thanks

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  2. i replanted in new containers using 1/3 vermic, 1/3 perlite, and 1/3 foxfarms. Watered, and foliage sprayed some thrive on them. they came right back to life. But anymore input would be greatly appreciated. Oh by the way temp isnt 68 its 78 my bad:wave:

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