HELP!!! plants turning purple

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by phatty, Oct 16, 2002.

  1. Im a 1 st time grower, Ive two plants budding well..I dont know which strain they are strain...i recken from all ive read and stuff that ive about a week to 10 days left to go...

    Some of the pistils are turning brownish but not many. of my plants has turned purple! is that normal? i read that leave will get a shade of purple when theres a lack of phosphrus....but then again ive also read that some strains will do as the plant matures towards the end of the budding cycle.

    Only one plants leaves have gone purple the other seems normal!

    Wot do i do? harvest now or take the chance....

    Frustrated Farma Phatty
  2. Not bad for outdoor uk, first timer !

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  3. Anyone help me identify the strain?

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  4. ooohhh...purpleness

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  5. Damn....your plants look better then mine did.Now they are dead...learning from your exp. or mistakes will help me to do a better job next year.
    Good Luck!
  6. Look like "Shaman" from dutch passion, if they are then they are 87.5% Sativa/12.5% Indica, Purple#1xEarly Skunk.
    but look very good anyway!
    Could also be: Twilight, Purple#1,
  7. Just to keep yall informed...ive put the plants in a heated green house now, and the purple coloring has subsided.

  8. wish i could smoke some of that!!!!!
  9. yeah me too....but two more weeks of drying and curing.....
  10. Let us know the square footage it took to grow it and the dried weight of buds.

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