Help,Plants sick in hydro system???

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by Killacash, Aug 12, 2007.

  1. Hi, when I transplanted my healthy plants from a soiless mixture of peat moss and perlite into my hydroponic system it wilted and got droopy quickly. My hydro system consist of a lava rock medium/3 part Gh nutrients/5000w of lights. I found out that I overfertilized them by putting them on full strength veg so I turned it down to mild. The plant stopped showing signs of nute burn but still are droopy/curling and no growth. I removed the plants from the system and put them back in the soiless mixture and they healed and grew back the next day. My question is what could be the problem in my hydro system?
  2. whats the PH & res temps
  3. This is just a guess, but it sounds like there wasn't enough oxygen in your solution... which would indicate something wrong with your setup. But that's only a guess.
  4. The PH usually stays around 6.0 and the rez temp is around 68dg.
    What do you mean, the roots are nowhere near touching the nutrients at the bottom?
  5. Ok. Lets back up. What kind of hydro system are you using?

    Oh and a pH of 6.0 is really a bit too high. Your target pH for hydro should be 5.5-5.8.

  6. The setup is a krusty bucket setup or kbs for short.

    The plants are about a month and a couple days old.
    Most of the plants range from 1ft 1/2in to 1ft
    Supposedly Bubba Kush from
    The (medium) lava rocks in the hydro setup has been rinsed thoroughly
    Feeding schedule is 24-7(worked on my last run with ak-47)
    Ph stays around 6.0
    Rez temps are at 68dg
    As soon as I transplanted I took them from a couple fluorescent tubes to 5000w
    The lights are in kool tubes and the room is cool by ac
  7. I agree drop the PH optimum ph range in hydro is 5.5 -5.8

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