Help! Plants need cut 3 weeks before harvest

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  1. hello,
    Positive and experienced advice needed- ASAP
    The power at an indoor grow facility was cut off unexpectedly. The person responsible for paying took their name off the property and the bill has stacked up. This was all kept from me.
    It is now day 6 and I have done almost all that I can:
    Moved potted plants outdoors
    Hooked up a generator
    run fans and dehumidifier in drying room that is full
    Moved drying plants from 2nd room to another building
    Harvested multiple beds that were ready
    (generator will only run dehumidifiers)
    And all that is left is two beds of beautiful plants that were 3 weeks from harvest.
    The generator will not run lights. It has been too long waiting for my partner to get power back. I want to cut them.
    I was told by this partner to freeze the buds. Personally, I do not agree with freezing.
    The bud is obviously premature.
    What do I do?
    I was also told to send to an extractor, but I am unfamiliar myself. I do have connections for this but time is ticking and I need to save this crop the best way possible!
  2. I don't know best course, but amber or not, maybe make hash
  3. If they aren’t ripe, they aren’t ripe. My son just took some down due to mites about 3 weeks early. Very little return on BHO and RSO extractions and you can just see the lack of shine. Almost not worth the effort

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  4. The local unlicensed Cannabis grow and sales shop here fought with the local city and county .gov for a couple of years. When they cut the power they rented a large enough generator to run the entire grow and office. It sat out there chugging along for the better part of a year as I recall.
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