Help! Plants look messed up big time

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by rosstitute, Sep 7, 2007.

  1. Hey guys, looks like a i screwed up. I nuted my plants 2 nights ago, pure nuteless compost mix, using low nute miracle grow and i returned to this:



    i think there may be a problem with the roots rotting, to cause this. any one any ideas? do you think they will recover? all help appriciated!
  2. It kinda looks like over watering to me..
  3. bottom pics are showing nitrogen toxicity & overwatering, top pics are nitrogen toxicity almost fert burnt & overwatered aswell

    easiest way out of this is to transplant to new really dont want to flush!....... the pots are small & you need to upgrade soon anyways.... actually use a hose and gentley flush ALL the soil from the roots and transplant....water each plant with 2 cups of water and 2 drops of SUPERthrive for the Vitamin B1 to help prevent serious transplant shock

    cut back on youir watering amounts and frequency, you also need more air circulation, to help dry the top soil out after watering

    the damaged leaves wont repair themselves, anything 50% or damaged you can removed

    as to miracle grow ferts, I have tested many MG ferts and MG soils, results were posted here, there may still be a thread in the search?

    I use Miracle Grow All Purpose ferts they are the best ferts I have used & cheap, Unprecidented growth, all micro nutes, if you ph balance everything that goes in your pots this fert will give you a trouble free grow with lush healthy plants

    Vegatative cycle fertilizer
    Miracle-Gro® Water Soluble All Purpose Plant Food (they make several fertilizers be sure its this one)
    Fertilizer Analysis: 24-8-16 with micronutrients
    2 level "Teaspoons" per gallon of water, (reduce this by 50% first time application) use this as your water, feed every other watering till flowering
  4. Imo&exp MG and pot do not go well.

    Also w/pot, the N shouldn't be higher than K.

    I use a ph balanced nute w/ph level soil I mlx myself.

  5. I dont agree with that statement neither does any other experienced growers(see a couple links below you can google more if you like)
    This plant is in the vegatative state so a higher nitrogen content is required during this cycle "not lower", a lower npk value of Nitrogen is required in the budding stage.

    Everyone pooh poohed MG ferts when I arrived except a few "experienced hands"......As previously stated, I have done "extensive testing" with Miracle Grow products,soils & ferts these are not "random statements" & the Miracle Grow All Purpose ferts I recommend are now being used by MANY of the members here in the city (try it youll like it)
    For the Vegatative state a higher N is the key!!! its the secret of the MG ferts I recommend
    its very high in N which results in superior growth!
    also to dispell another misnomer of yours ....the High nitrogen content of the MG is mostly urea "which is not bad for plants" urea is the best form of nitrogen, its the organic form which is difficult to burn your plants with organic forms of ferts and the MG all purpose is higher in urea forms of nitrogen than the ammonical forms of nitrogen which does burn plants & the reason I claim its "almost" hard for me to burn my plants

    Again you are entiled to your opinions & your methods, & if you choose to keep telling me or the members Im wrong ......thats OK too, its our friend rossitute & all the other readers that will benefit from my experiences each time you attempt to tell everyone Im wrong
    So for growing a NPK of 20-10-10 is good ...........for flowering 5-20-10 is good.

    Phrostbite's Basic Marijuana Grow Guide
    The plant needs N mostly before flowering,and the plant starts using P when flowering starts. So for growing a NPK of 20-10-10 is good for flowering 5-20-10 is good
    2. After germination do not feed for three weeks, unless seedlings show signs of yellowing. In either case, feed them a dose of NPK with an even ratio (10:10:10) or a higher N than P and K ratio (20:10:10) at 1/4 of what is recommended on the label for the first week and continue this once a week until calyx (pre-flowers) show on the plant.
  6. :eek:i've used MG exclusively due to living waaaaay out, 50 mi. from walmart...i am a first timer and still know very little, all visitors are strongly, strongly, urged to read thread histories and make their own educated, (guess), decisions before taking any, learn, decide...MY MONEY IS ON GG!
    everything is fine here in the heartland...GO BEARS:hello:.

    by the way, these all would be dead right now if not for this forum and the advice of ganja guarrilla...thanx man:cool:


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  7. GG, looks like you're cheerleaders are back.

    think I read a GG journel uhat said MG soil was bad?

    MG uses dlfferent nutes in soil than what you're usinh. NO!

    GG stated himself he grows bud in 3K w/1OO degree temps! That's utter BS.

    GG also said in a post that LEO would 1st try messing w/weed growers soil and nutes before bio warfare. make much w/LEO?

    ban me now RMJL. This is not for me.

    GG report this thread for me. LEO
  8. I keep tellin you, Im not just babblin, there are lot of people that have had their grows saved , naturally they are going to back me in this obsession you have with me.

    cheers mate
  9. Overwatering:rolleyes:. You also might want to transplant those. Those are looking root bound and have to have space to grow. Could be why the nitrogen deffeciency is happening. Already used up all the nutes in the small container.

  10. If you fixed their problems, why ricslat still here needing help. And help_needed is back to?

    Now MG and soil.

    GG says MG soil is bad but advocates the use of their nutes.

    GG also posted he has 3khps and 100 degree temps, and churning out the weed.

    Buds will NOT form at 1OO temps
  11. i don't have any problems...check out pics.

    this is all i'm saying...all visitors are strongly, strongly, urged to read thread histories and make their own educated, (guess), decisions before taking any, learn, decide...

  12. Mg makes many ferts, only one I found, has the correct formula thats condusive to our plants needs & you cant even use it at the rates they suggest, they dont put the same composition in thier soils nor do they use the amounts I found that work with thier ferts,(they use too much for our purposes just as the recomendations they give to mix your own ferts for supplemental feeding :rolleyes: we just cant controll how much they add in the soil, can we) furthermore the company has been for the past couple years??? adding timed release yellow fert capsules, that take 1-2 months to dissolve, at that time all hell breaks loose the liquid ferts in the capsules burn the plants badly, go read the study that was posted

    If buds dont form @ 100F .........tell it to........ Thailand, Columbia, Baja Mex and every other country with grow seasons above 95F consistently
    95-100F is not optimum ofcourse But I dont just run my mouth, the members here will tell you Im real big on experimenting and testing, I too believed that weed didnt grow above 95, but I got to thinking about heat spells Ive grown thru over the years, and other temperate countries, so in 1 of the bud rooms I added an extra 1000w hps to total 3...... I wanted to and still am testing the excessive lite and higher heat this date.... no ill affect but I also see no benefits from an additional 1000w in comparison to the room with 2000w total

    let me know anything else your confused about

    edit: maybe too complicated........ Miracle grow adds too much ferts in thier soil for growing for Mj, but we can decrease the strengths of the ferts if we mix the solutions ourself

  13. Glad to hear your grow is well.

    Sorry about being an ass to you. I don't drink, but I did yesterday.

    I'm trying to figure out what all I did for a few hours that are gone:)

    You're above post is spot on man.
  14. 420, the only thing that a statement like this does is show that you're more interested in discrediting a perceived rival than with helping people grow their weed.

    Yes, I'm back - with a new problem, not with something left over from before. And yes, GG has done an admirable job of helping this newbie grower out with each and every one of the DIFFERENT problems I've had with my two grows.

    And yes, I've become part of the "GG Fanclub", as you called it, but not without reason. You see, when it comes to the internet I'm a pretty solid skeptic. I don't trust anything at first glance. So when I post a plant question on this board, I also post the same question on a couple of other boards. To date, with the exception of yourself, no one else has offered any advice that substantially differs from what GG has suggested.

    Personally, I really wish you would quit with the pissing contest. It really is undignified and is making a complete hash out of what should be a very educational forum. Your little trick of following GG around and sniping at each and every post he makes in an attempt to discredit him is pretty childish. And thinking that the rest of us are too stupid to realize what's going on is even worse. I know that you've got some good knowledge about growing MJ, but the way you're presenting that knowledge is badly undermining your credibility.

    And to GG, for the sake of all of us who have come to trust and depend on your advice, please, just put the snert on ignore. You don't need to defend your opinions. We know where to go for advice. So just answer our question and trust us to know which information to believe :).
  15. Go drink another quart :smoking:

    for the sake of our friends here in the city.......... ON IGNORE

  16. lol I've had help_needed.

    GG what strain you growing in 1OO degrees? I wanna ditch my acs and save some money. Those other countries you talked on grow Outside. And take 9 months or better. And They will not bud in 1OO.

    also, why would you chance using"self directions" w/MG? You know there are lots of nutes for weed.


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