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  1. Ok, this is going to be really stupid but I'm a beginner...bare with me.

    Long story a bag, thought it would be funny to see if any seeds would grow. Threw a bunch into a pot of cheap soil I had (sitting outside, open), in a pot, sat it outside. Well it actually grew which got me more interested in growing. Brought the pot in because of some hail storms, sat it on the counter, went shopping for grow lights and materials. At this the sprout is almost a week old, four little leaves. I've been very careful up to this point, only watering every other day when I stick my finger in the soil and it is dry. The plant is very healthy and looks great.

    When I got home (I two small children home during the day), my 3 year old pulled my little sprout up and I found it laying on the kitchen floor :(. All the leaves were pointing straight up, it was still moist. I was already going to transplant it that day so I grabbed the new pot, soil (Miracle Grow Organic Soil), and Peters All purpose plant food (20-20-20), fill the pot, wet the soil well, used a butter knife to make a large enough hole to fit the root into without having to bend it. Poured on a little of the plant food, and quickly covered the plant with a black plastic bag with a few holes for ventilation. This was around 2:00 yesterday afternoon.

    This morning at around 8 I figured it should have had plenty of rest and removed the bag. The leaves had come back down. The two longer pointier ones looked great, the two fatter ones were drooped down and narrowed. I thought they could use some light and put them back under. It stopped raining and I thought maybe some fresh air and a little sun (its very cloudy so there is very little). An couple hours later I went out to bring it in and the leaves, all four are now shrivelled and droopy. I'm pretty sure the trauma of being yanked up, replanted in different soil and such shocked the poor thing and now I'm not sure what to do...if it even can be saved. For now I have covered it back up hoping maybe the darkness will help but I would appreciate any advice anyone has to offer.

    Sorry this was so long, just trying to make sure all the info you might need was in there :p
  2. ACKKKK! Stay awat from miricle grow!!!and no, darkness wont help the plant recover, it needs to stay on a constant light cycle to prevent further shock. Get it on 18/6 ASAP. The plant produce much of its energy during the day (18hr of light) and then utilizes it at night (6hr dark) so what your doing is requesting the plant to further utilize it's decreased energy stores.

    Get it back on 18/6. give it a GOOD watering (saturate the soil so that you have 1 inch of water ONTOP of the soil and allow it to drain) and then get it under the lamps.

    Try and post a picture and i can help further diagnosis it

  3. also, get out to your local hardware store and get a CFL bulb (something that has 1200+ lumen output) and plug that into a desk lamp and get the bulb within 5 inches of the plant and keep it on for 18 hours and then have the plant in 100% darkness for the 6

  4. Ok, I've got it back in the light. I had seen somewhere that they needed darkness to rest and recover. The Miracle Grow is just the brand of soil. There is no actual miracle grow in the soil as far as I can tell. Could it be that maybe there was too much plant food? I'll see if I can find batteries to throw in my camera and take a pic.
  5. Camera isn't working. I left out that the stem is drooping now too.
  6. what light are you using? if its something like a desk lamp with an incandsent bulb or normal house hold lighting, unfortuantly the chance of your plant recovering is unlikely. You need something with large lumen output (CFLs or HPS or MH... 1200+ lumens) in order to get the plant back on track.

    As for the drooping stem, take a pencil and stick it in the soil beside the plants drooping side and prop it against it (using thread if needed) and angle the light so the plant needs to lean to see it.... then, turn the pots 1/4 of the way 3 times a day, that will encourage the plant to "twist" its stem and force it to strengthen

    Keep me updated

  7. Well, I don't think that one is going to recover. It's pretty much just laying withered on the soil. I have started again from scratch. I attempted to germinate 20 seeds with the paper towel method. Two of them have opened and a small portion of root is coming out. I used 3 gallon pots (one for each seed), filled with the organic soil I bought for the other one
    A little Peters Plant food, again the 20-20-20. The lights that I got are a temporary thing. I am hoping to buy a HID or HPS in a month or two. But I got a 60 W 18in under counter fluorescent exact one can be found here:

    and a 20 W 24in fluorescent grow light the bulb can be found here:

    The grow light is 1,093 lumens and the under cabinet light I'm not sure how many. For now (we are about to move, also the reason I'm not putting a whole lot into this--I'll get more serious at the new place when I can have an area devoted to growing, I just want to get the seedlings started for now) The lights are laying across the two pots so they are getting all the light that is given off. That puts them about 2 inches from the top of the soil. The lights are not hot.
  8. did you beat the shit out of him? i would have
  9. I beat him with sticks and sold him to a band of if I could just keep the hubby high enough that he doesn't notice :smoking:
  10. lol, i think i would notice if my son was missing, what is the status on the new seeds?

  11. Well, nothing so far. The roots were barely poking out when I planted them. One was planted yesterday and another was planted about two days before. I would think that one should be up any time now. Most things I have seen say it takes three to five days. They need to hurry up damn it!:p

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