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  1. Hi everyone, I'm on my first indoor grow. I have 2 cheese girls 4 weeks into flower they look great. I then decided to pop some seeds. I popped 1 girl scout cookies and 1 northern lights. They popped surprisingly well and began strong. I then made a risky desision of trying out the main lining technique. I topped the 1st time and they grew back fine, topped the 2nd time and great even after the 3rd time they looked really healthy then all of a sudden they started turning. A friend of mine suggested I re pot them into their final 10L pots which I did but they have in no way improved and the northern lights seems to be going downhill has anybody got any advice please? Is it less hastle to just start again with new seeds or is it an easy fix?

    Sorry for booby post in advance haha

    Any replies welcome pictures are attached IMG_20190601_065203.jpg IMG_20190601_065227.jpg
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  2. How many watts are ya running? Mainlining is a lot of stress on a plant and extends veg stage. I wouldn’t do main lining unless it were a outdoor grow or I was running at least 600 watts. Could be ya stressed it with all the training then the transplant. What nutes are you running? What’s your ph?
    Got a lil bit of the claw have u over watered lately? What’s ur temps? Leaves got some ripple to em too?
  3. The plants not dying dhe looks gine just dop snippin away at her for a bit.. let her grow some.. mainline is very un even but looks okay.. just chill & fall back wit the snips.. & let her do her..

    Flower tent Vegging outside the flower tent
  4. Using jungle juice 3 part at half strength, using 2 100w cfls and its strange cause they both responded so well to the training then it was after I'd done the last topping that they turned they healed up from the last topping fine then just started deteriorated, do you think there at a stage where they can be saved or is it less hastle to start again?
  5. What do you mean by uneven mate not sure if it's the angle of the photo but they are symmetrical
  6. This is an even mainline,

    20190531_223933.jpg 20190531_223952.jpg

    Your nodes are staggering already, i dont think lights are an issue.. this is mainlined for 16 mains .. so topped 4 times under a 250w CFL.

    I think your watering practices are giving you issues. Your stems are a deep purple which could suggest your feeding solution is waayyyyy to cold, in return this may cause uptake issues.
  7. You said you reported recently. How long ago and did you use the same medium or a new/different medium?
  8. Cyco you need this shit it's your nutrients

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