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  1. hi guys please can someone hekp me out here. The is only my second grow. First time using 600w LED in a small tent. Got two plants, one is an Autoflower called Quick One and the other is a clone of a Jack Herer my friend is growing. Both were looking fine until I transplanted them into the big pots. I almost did some LST on the Jack tying it down to make it bushier. The problem is the the leaves see dry and crispy and turn yellow but from the middle not the tips. The wee autos bottom leaves are curling under. When I transplanted I gave them a 1/2 does of biobizz grow. They had already had a feed of that a week ago and seemed to responded well from it. Yesterday I have them a feed of liquid seaweed to see if that would help but I think they are looking worse today. I’ve attached pics, please can someone help! Thank you.

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  2. Transplanting autos is a no no. They really hate being moved once they get going. How long since you transplanted? They could just have a mild case of shock. Whats the PH in the soil and runoff? I would have transplanted straight to fabric pots if anything. Makes it way easier to fix problems. I'd suggest checking ph and then go from there.

    If it's shock, it can take a week or more to recover.

    Also what is the temp and humidity?
  3. Transplanted on Wednesday, temp is 22, humidity 60%, don’t know ph cause meter ran out of battery and I haven’t been able to the get a new one cause we are snowed in. You asked about runoff? What do you mean by that? My last grow I transplanted autos and it kept them short and bushy, I got 4oz from one of them. Should I flush them through with water incase Iv ever fed since transplanting?
  4. Please can someone help me
  5. Looks like it could be an iron deficiency on the one, but if you havent been able to check ph in awhile that could be your issue. Im not one of those "you have to ph everytime" guys but having a good handle on it will definitely prevent issues like this. if it is an iron deficiency you'll just need to give her a dose of a good micro and get your ph down below 6.5
  6. Will one of these bio bizz feeds have a decent amount of iron in it?

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  7. looks like it could be a few things mate so id go for checking the ph first before you change the feeds. as a general rule though, if the bottom leaves go yellow but not the new growth you up the base nutes. if the new growth is turning yellow but not the bottoms you up the micro nutes.
    again though, most problems that arent clearly one thing generally end up being to do with ph.

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  8. I have identified the problem, my plants are drowing due to poor drainage!

    My first grows I had a layer of stones in the bottom of the pots to assist with drainage, this time I just added way more perlite and thought that would work - but it didn’t. Cause I’m using an LED this time instead of HPS I just thought the water wasn’t being absorbed as quickly. The first two inches was pretty dry this morning then I drilled a bunch of holes in the bottom of the tub and water started pishing out!! So I would image the feeds Iv been giving and water have just swamped the roots and suffocated everything.

    So Iv drilled a bunch more holes and then sat the pot in bottle tops so it can drain into a tray so the water can drain. I’m not sure if this is enough as I’d imagine the wet soil will just clog the holes I drilled so transplanting looks like the only option. But this will be the second time so not sure if they will handle it.

    What’s your thoughts based on that diagnosis guys? Thanks again for all your help and advice!

    Ps I’m tempted to bin them and start all over again!
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  9. Do not over think anything make sure your soil drys out then water then evaluate after we water as these are just weeds they are very resilient to everything that comes at it. It comes down to over thinking and we kill our own plants we are own demise when growing indoors so 1st let dry out 2nd water not to much soil saturation then wait the plant will tell you then what is wrong seen to many times of over watering like said by Caldo84 proper drainage is key from the beginning
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  10. What soil are you using? I am on my first grow, made mistake of planting autos in small biodegrade cups and had to transplant, however I didn’t have issue as they immediately took off and didn’t seem stressed. I am running both photo and autos.

    Next grow I will not transplant, however for me it wasn’t an issue, but it could have stunted them a bit.

    I am using half happy frog and half ocean forest with good amount of perlite. I still am yet to add nutes to my grow. I am guessing my autos will yield low due to this, but first grow and learning the do’s and don’t s. Depending on your soil, could you be over nuting the plant a bit.

    Pic below is just about 4 weeks this coming Sunday when the plants just poked through the soil. When I transplanted I hit them with mykos too. Maybe the biodegrade cups help with not stressing plants in transplant as you don’t upset the roots.

    Good luck, and hope everything works out. Feel free to ask questions regarding my first grow. I grow big veggie gardens and one thing I learned. Better to be dry than over saturated.

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  11. I just bought fabric pots for this grow looks like they are doing well for you WiscoHerb1986
  12. Oooo yeah, love them. Working well so far. I also took plastic trays and lined with mesh screen so the containers never sit in the water after plants get watered and air out better. Overall for first grow ever it’s going well. About to head down and spend a few hours LSTing them. :)

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