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  1. Please help someone, I have two plants AK48 autos from nirvana seeds, They were growing nice but slow, and when the flowering begin it looked like it was nitrogen deficiencie, and then I guess, I over fed them with nutrients. So right now I think it has nitrogen toxicity and maybe also too much phosphorus. I flushed one of the plants with tap water (the worst looking one) So can you please look at the pictures and what should I do to keep them alive??

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  2. Looks more like nutrient lock. Are you adjusting the pH of the water at all?
  3. What should I do then? today the plant is looking worse :( No, It's just tap water, but I think the pH is fine because before this nutrient lock everything was ok.
  4. What ph comes from the tap . Ph 11 comes from mine so you may need to adjust

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  5. I dont have pH meter so I dont know. For the next grow I will buy pH meter. Is there anything else I could do? because the plant is dying pretty fast.
  6. It's plain and simple . You need the ph meter

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  7. I see a lot of stretching going on. I don't think you are getting enough lumens for proper photosynthesis. The plant was probably able to squeak by but now it's starting to pull nutrients from the plant to synthesize into flower power
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  8. Heat stress and serious lack of adequate lighting. Everything about getting a decent yield off one of these plants in an indoor grow situation is about the light you use to grow them. Its important all throughout their lives, but most especially in the flower stage. Your plant are weak, thin, lanky (because they are stretching hard for more and better light), and your lights are too close to the plants and its heat stressing them. That's my take on it. LOL If you only have enough light to support one plant, you will be better to flower only one plant. Otherwise, you get plants like you have here with lots of underdeveloped buds. I suggest you get some better flower lighting if you plan to continue with indoor growing. Without it, at least enough to flower one plant properly, its pretty much a waste of lots of time and work and money. All part of the learning experience though. TWW
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  9. Nope, they will continue to die, give it another 24 hours. It's pretty common for people who don't pH to get hit hard in the first few weeks of flower. I see it once a week and it's always the same...

    "So and so on such and such forum said soil growers don't need to pH." Unless you're using some kind of "living soil" or have specially formulated nutes, or organic compost... You need to pH.
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  10. Yeah maybe, but I have seen many journals with the same strain, and even less bulbs and light, but better results. And I think leaves cant die like that just because of the light.
  11. Thats bad :( ok I will buy it for next grow. But I think my next grow will be outdoors.
  12. Pretty simple to mix your own based on good compost (as you stated) and never worry about it again.

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  13. You mean like make my own soil mix with compost and dont use any fertilizers at all?? just tap water? I added some worm castings and compost a month or more ago, but now I think only one plant will survive this :(
  14. I think that's the problem

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  15. Read here - No-Till Gardening: Revisited

    Pay close attention and you'll find an excellent proven water-only, no bottled nutrients needed. No ph-ing, no flushing no bullshit just keep damp with tap water soil mix.

    Then you can use it over and over...

  16. ok, i will try it. whats the perfect mix and how to know if it is good???
  17. I just gave you the link - now read read read.

    "And how to know if it is good"

    Look at the pictures and you will see why I sent you to that thread.

    If you're serious about gardening and truly want to succeed, to grow vigorous healthy plants follow the recipe to a T - and take notes.

    That one thread will put you on your way to a very successful garden.

  18. thanks!
  19. Any questions - and you will, please feel free to get back to me or simply post in the same thread.

    I will tell you this - I've grown just about all ways we can go about growing all different types of plants, Cannabis included of course and while it might be a little bit of a pain to source the different items needed to put together a quality soil mix based on quality ingredients- at that point the bulk of your work is done. You can use this soil over and over again, simply "topping things off" with a few basic ingredients every couple of grows and use it for a long long time. You don't need to worry about finding different fertilizer is for veg or flower; you don't need to worry about much besides just keeping the soil moist with plain old water from start to finish. This is gardening as easy as it gets and the results can be incredible. There's no need to flush because you're not using bottled fertilizers - it can almost get to the point of boring LOL

    Best of luck and feel free to hit me up if you ever need.

  20. Just an update of how my plants looked a week ago. One of them is dead I could say but the other one will be ok, seems like the flushing helped.

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