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  1. I came home after working an 27 hr shift to see my lovely new plant dying. Im running a closet grow with 400w hps and a 6"outake 4"intake. Lights on temp is 82 and lights off is 72. The only issue i see is the humidity which stays at a steady 23 %. I havent been using nutes. Any help? I usually spray the tent with a mist every morning and night. Shes only About a week and a half old

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  2. Heres another shot

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  3. Her neighbor

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  4. Could be your soil mixman looks likealot of wood in there what are u using for water and all that?
  5. Using regular tap water ph is 6.6. Used a basic miracle grow organic mix potting soil. 1st grow so very new to this 3 days ago

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  6. ThAt was 3 days ago
  7. No1 has any help or advice????
  8. it sucks not getting your questions answered, i'm experiencing that quite a bit on this forum...suprising seeing as how theres like a million users on here haha

    I'd give advice, but i'm doing my first as well, and only 1 plant. It looks like all may be lost to me though... honestly it looks like terrible genetics. May just have been dead before it was born!

  9. Yea it is a little frustrating. I honestly thought the seed dint germ and i start the other one. Rite before i was gunna toss it out , it sprouted. It was doing well but 1st grow n closet setup, it could just be an error on my part.
  10. what soil are you using? also you may wanna try changing your light to cfl's until they get a bit stronger keep them 2 inches from your plants till flowering this may help.
  11. tent still on? read in jorge cervantes' book that once its outta the soil take off the tent... i had some trouble with my first seedling which i kept the tent on for quite a while after outta soil, so with my newest one i took it off after a day outta soil and it's doing much better than the first. i think perhaps it was getting way too hot under it? my temps run about the same as urs with lights on. just my two cents....good luck!
  12. Do you have some perlite in your soil?
  13. Im a newbie too but ill try and help... i would suggest like the other guy to use CFL's until flower and to me it seems like you overwatered.. can i ask do you have drainage holes in your solo cup? and if not then do that ASAP and let your soil dry... a little fan on the soil can help sometimes too...

    Good luck brotha.. Hope she resurrects!! is it a bag seed or she got a name? :D
  14. As stated, make sure you have drainage! CFL's until flower is not necessary! Bahaha! IMO:) but if your running Hid at this stage needs to be 3 feet away... If you can't do that switch to cfl or t5 for 10 days... No nutes! Future endeavours I recommend Happy Frog and no nutes for a month:) A fan is a great idea for air circulation!!! A little clip fan is great for this stage... Lmk if you have more questions! Happy Growing:)

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