Help!! plants dying

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  1. Please, i need some help. My plants have some kind of trouble and i need to know what it is in order to save them.
    They are in an indoor, I have them with an HM of 100W, two fans (in and out). The temperature is usually 16 C at night and moves arround 24 C with the lights on.
    The lights are on a 4/20 regime so far, the plants are auto flowering. They are 2 weeks old. The humidity outside the indoor is very high. With the lights on inside moves from 45 to 60%, but at night sometimes it goes up to 84%. Now it has a dehumidifier, so i reckon that wont be a problem anymore, but perhaps it was too late.
    The earth in the pot is made of planting earth, pearls (having problems here with the translations from spanish hehe), and peat. There were some yellow and white spots in the earth inside the pots, i covered it with more earth.
    I used some organic foliar fungicide two days ago, and foliar fertilizer a day ago.
    I've been watering each 4 or 5 days.
    There some pics. Pleas help them
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. in my looks like a nute lockout issue...and being that small id say PH is causing what kind of water are you feeding and at what PH?
  3. yeah either a lockout or nute burn . depends on what natural nutes your soil has in it. maybe its too much for a seedling

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