help!! plants are sick and i dont know what to do!!

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  1. Hi everyone, I'm a completely new grower so please be patient with me. I started my closet grow about 2 weeks ago from 4 clones. I have them in a grow tent that is 3x3x5 I believe.

    At the beginning, the plants were doing very well. First I transplanted them into 16oz Dixie cups after they were root bound. Everything went smoothly with no sign of stress.

    After a week and a half in the Dixie cups, roots were exploding through the drain holes, so I transplanted them into their permanent 3gal pots.

    I am using Fox Farm Ocean Forest soil. With Fox Farm nutes. I didn't use any nutes while they were in the Dixie cups... but in their 3 gal pots I fed FF Grow Big at every other watering. I used 1tsp/gal of water.

    The plants were still looking good until 5 days ago....

    I increased the nutes to 2tsp/gal of water for the next feeding....

    This is when my babies started looking bad....

    Please help me.. what do I do?? I attached photos. Thanks!!!





  2. FYI FFOF soil has nutes already in the mix..So prolly could do w/o feeding for a few weeks, while keeping an eye on them ..While they don't seem to be over-nuted, they do show a lil deficient..I know some peeps transplant from dixie cups to 3gal or bigger pots, I normally pot up slowly till final destination..Say dixie cup to 1gal and up, this way if you do have to flush you wont have to flush too much soil/medium..Makes sense to me..Anyhow if in doubt, flush em out..and let em dry out before next water cycle..
  3. Ocean Forest has enough nutes in it to last about 30 days depending on how often you water. If you added more to already depleted soil then they may not be getting enough nutes. Are you Ph testing the water and or nute mix going in and comming out. The PH of the run off is the most important PH reading. Also when using chemical based nutes its advised to water or feed till you have around 20% of it as run off this helps prevent slats that can build up in the soil from chemical based nutes. Have you given them a full dose feeding yet? Some of the new growth looks a little yellow which is usualy a sign of nitrogen deficiency.

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