HELP! Plants are showing some interesting signs

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  1. Im a first-time grower and I just bought some clones and they have been potted for a week as of June 14th, 2019. I can't pinpoint what is exactly wrong as they are showing lots of different signs. they have been getting slightly high Ph water around 7.5 as I did not have a way to test until yesterday. Ive attached some photos of what the leaves are looking like.

    P.S some of the leaves came clipped like that dont ask.

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  2. We need more information. For example what medium is it planted in? What size pot? What are you feeding at? And how much and how often are you feeding it?
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  3. Honestly looks like very mild nute burn and or pH issues. Give her a week or two and see how it goes. Also they clip the leaves to promote root growth nothing funny about it. Whatever you're watering with pH and adjust if necessary, I've found the sweet spot for soil imo is between 6.2-.6.8

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