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  1. AE5B268C-2FCA-4743-AF97-482E8483225D.jpeg 20680E28-0529-451B-9CB6-5F34C5F0EF4C.jpeg I have two plants about 3 weeks into flower, they aren’t feminized or autos. I am having a hard time sexing them. I am a first time grower and would like some help determining if they are male or female.
  2. This is the second plant

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  3. Those are males , they have balls
  4. I wasn’t sure bc I check them everyday and they came out of nowhere today
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    Sorry to say but Antdro is right, it’s male. It doesn’t look like it’s showing pollen. But just to be safe and make sure no pollen gets in your space, carefully put a trash bag over it, then chop that sucker. Then carefully flip and throw away and so and so.
    *If you have a bag you can tie it would be a plus, but not absolutely needed. Do this with all the males or ugly herms early and you’re garden should be more safe from nanners.
  6. Damn. I had 9 plants and I sold off all but those two. I just think it’s weird that it’s only showing up on the coala. They are short and super bushy. I will post full pics of both plants

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  8. [​IMG]
    My own most recent dangler. This is the 5th to show up. I'm running about 30% males so far.

    Freebeee seeds from a friend who finds them in his top shelf dispensary buds. Usually they all fire as females but this year I'm getting a smattering of true males as well.

  9. Feminized seeds. :thumbsup:
  10. Where can I get feminized autos?
  11. There are plenty of places - try the "Marijuana Seed Banks" forum on GC.
  12. Ok will do thanks!

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