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  1.  hey everyone! this is my first time dwc.. im having some problems that i cant seem to diagnose! any input would be greatly aprreciated. thanks all!


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  2. Ph and ppm? Temps?
  3. ph is just under 6.0.. hard to tell exactly because i have a dropper style for checking.. ppm is at 300.. i have been very slowly upping it since 1 wk old.. is now 2.5 wks.. temp is 75f
  4. No nutes yet imo. If you feel they are necessary, dilute to 180 ppm. I use the drops as well, have yet to buy a ph pen, and find that if it's got a slight tint of orange it's right around 5.8. I let it swing from there to the yellowish green of a solid 6.0, then drop it back down
  5. u look at the solution while holding it up to light? or not exposed to light? res temps felt a little warm so i put some ice in a few freezer bags and put it in... 
    doesnt nute burn start at the tips? if u look closely at some pics u will see some discoloration starting in the middlish of the leaves.. yesterday i did a res change because i could see this problem starting 2 days ago.. i measured ph an ppm and tried to get is as exact as possible.. but one thing i faile to pay attn to was res temp at the change.. doh!

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