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  1.  hey everyone! this is my first time dwc.. im having some problems that i cant seem to diagnose! any input would be greatly aprreciated. thanks all!


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  2. There are plenty of blogs with pictures of plant problems, what they look like and how to solve them bro. Just dig a little.
    Have you started giving the plant nutrients? 
  3. i have been doing a lot of digging, i cant seem to find any similar problems.. 
    yes i am at 300ppm.. i started at wk 1 at a very low dose, and am slowly climbing.. it is now week 2.5
  4. flush and stop feeding and read more. you need to research if you did you would know not to give it nutrients at this young an age.
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    let her grow another 2 sets of leafs then start nutes on 1/4 strength 
    you may want to let her drink plain water for few days to a week

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