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Help! Plant looks like it's dying

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by DarthRasta, Sep 12, 2017.

  1. My auto just hit the last day of week 2 of flower and I've been running into some problems lately. A couple days after pistils showed my plant started showing signs of nute burn(brown leaf tips), I had the plant in FF Ocean Floor soil and hadn't used any additional nutes yet. After the next watering the nute burn slowed down and a few days later I noticed some of the oldest leaves had started to turn yellow and figured they weren't really getting light so that might not be a problem. Fast forward a few more days and more of the older leaves are yellowing and after looking at more leaves I notice a single leaf with a very large unsightly brown spot, I posted before about it but got no response(no big deal I just did some reading around but didn't really find an answer). Now a lot of leaves are yellowing and getting brown spots and nute burn is showing up on newer leaves. Any ideas what this could be? Should I flush? I just fed it yesterday for the first time with 1/2 dose of fox farms flowering booster and tiger bloom. I've used distilled water this whole time and never really checked ph up until recent which I'm gauging is about 6.8-7.1(I have a cheap probe, just got a digital meter tho). My plant was very healthy throughout veg, only had a problem with too much light causing the leaves to taco a bit but that's it. I can post better pics if needed

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  2. Flush do it now

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  3. Full plant

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  4. Even if I just watered a day ago?
  5. Do you have goo drainage? If so you should be okay doing a flush

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  6. Yea it's pretty good. On my way to the store for some distilled water to flush it now lol
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  7. Hey so I used a whole gallon of ph'd distilled water to flush it. It's in a 5 gallon pot, do you think that's enough or should I do a second gallon... was a fair amount of runoff, I did it on my tub so I couldn't collect the runoff to see how much it was. Ignore the hygiene products lol

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  8. I'm no expert, but it looks to be more of a deficiency than a burn. I could be wrong. If you haven't used nutes until a couple days ago, the plant possibly could have used up most of the nutes in the soil. Now you flushed out the remaining nutes and what you just put in. If your ph is out of whack, the plant many not be able to take in the required nutes. I think flushing should be a last resort.
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  9. There was a nute burn before this yellowing started and still some very slightly. All the tips on my leaves are brown which I was told is a sign of nute burn, the yellowing and brown spots definitely looks like a deficiency to me but I got no clue as for a while it had nute burn now it's showing signs of deficiency and nute burn at the same time
  10. Your nute burn was before introduction of nutes correct? I don't use but hear that FFOF can be hot and cause some nute burn. I only see burnt tips on old leaf growth. Don't think you are dealing with a burn issue. Your girl looks pretty healthy other than some issues on old growth. Possibly a phosphorus or potassium deficiency.
  11. I was thinking it might be potassium idk, I ended up flushing anyway just cause it's been going on for like 2 weeks now. There's very minor burns on some of the newer leaves but it's hard to get a clear picture of it. I'm not worried about the nute burn as much as the yellowing but I'm gonna see how things go hopefully the flush will clear things up a bit and I can just feed her again to make up for the nutes I just flushed lol
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  12. Yeah I would agree with either a potassium or phosphor defficiency since it's only on the older leaves. Is your stem red? That's a good indicator of phosphorus deff

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