HELP !!! Plant Leaves Curling , Plant might be DYING

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  1. someone please help us out....... my roomate was being an albert when he read online somewhere to put baking soda in the plant food , and i think he has over done it..... now the plant leaves are curling , the plant is drying up and theres the one spot on one of the leaves that is really discolored...... someone help !!

    been using some typcial plant food we bought at the hydroponics store...... was growing really really good until he did this...... very angry but need help


    someone please get back to me !!!!

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  2. Anyone out there to help ?
  3. How long ago was it fed the baking soda?

    Idk what problems baking soda could cause a plant, but if you're SUPER worried.. I suggest flushing it out with 3x the amount of water.
  4. Hi there Dust906!
    My assumption would be the foil. i have heard its not a good reflecting surface.
    That's my thoughts..
    Good luck!!
  5. Start flushing the soil...
  6. the baking soda can make salts when over done so just flush it like mentioned above and it should get them out, looks like you have plenty of perlite to help drain it. After you flush it I would leave it alone a few days to a week and see what happens before feeding or anything.
  7. Agreed...
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    Its a simple Nutrient lockout man. Looks like a typical zinc deficiency. Baking soda is a very weak acidic. PH 8.0, which for your plant is WAY too alkaline so it just locked out no biggie. Your plant needs to be at 6.5 from the water that comes out of the bottom when you water it.

    You need to flush with PH Balanced water. Buy distilled water, typically ph is 7.0. if you have a meter and PH down use that.

    If not, use minute maid organic lemon juice. About half a TEAspoon per gallon should bring you close to 6.5.

    Flush with your 6.5 water and leave it be, you should be fine.

    Use this chart to help you

    Take that aluminium foil out, it is metal and it retains heat. the wrinkles in it can turn into hot spots, and burn your plant. (I walked in on smouldering plants before, First grow).

    FLAT WHITE NON GLOSSY poster board works ALOT better than foil. the Mylar material at hydro shops reflects 99% of lumens but is pricey. the poster board will reflect about 65-80% of your lumens with no heat retained.

    Reason i say non glossy is. When light hits the glossy paper, it has to penetrate through the gloss & escape from it. So doing that dims the lumen reflection.

    Hope I Helped Brotha :smoking: :hello:
  9. Emergency blankets from eBay.. Cheap Mylar!
  10. Is that stuff made of legit mylar? Ima have to grab a few for my grow!
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    Looked again and its not a zinc lockout. looks like heat stress. what are the temps in ur space?

    if your temps are normal its gotta be nutrient burn. looking at it, I can see the new growth is brighter green . so that means its either too far of a range of temp. meaning its warm then it gets too cold or vise versa. Or its nutrient burn. flush it with PH balanced water and control your temps better and it should go away man no worrys.

    lemme know how it goes

    Edit: I definitely need more information before i can troubleshoot it
  12. Yes it is.. It has to be to reflect body heat correctly..
  13. Oh damn thanks for the tip
  14. Np bro... ;)
  15. Its a simple Nutrient lockout man. Looks like a typical zinc deficiency

    Looked again and its not a zinc lockout.

    Hope I Helped Brotha

    *LMAO* maybe a Plutonium deficiency?

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    well instead of ridiculing get off yur ass and helpout jerkoff. Didnt have enuf info, at least im trying to help instead of making fun of others trying to help. Gtfo off this site. im'a call a few mods on here and have a chat.. bye :D
  17. Looks like someone forgot to smoke today..
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    im'a call a few mods on here and have a chat

    Waaaah! Get a clue and know what the hell you're talking about before you give out bad advice about imaginary lockouts and deficiencies. The internets already full of bad advice and new growers don't need more. Trust me, your pretty colorful charts don't make you look any smarter.

    Edit: this just gets better and better. I just took a look at your "favorite advice" thread in your signature and in this you give advice to somebody to walk up to a federal agents car, start talking to them and then stick an electrified magnet to their car while you're talking to them?

    My, but you ARE full of good advice. My apologies.

  19. Lol I love the internet drama but I love my plant more hoping I'm in the clear with a flush 3rd flush I'm doing
  20. Could be something as simple as over watering also... What kinda substrate r u using?

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