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  1. indoor plant in

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  2. 1/4 inch dowel rods and string my friend. Or a bigger based container to transplant into.

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  3. I think supercropping is in order. :)
  4. this plant is way to big for that lighting . you will get a smaller yield from a plant that is to big with less lighting . then a smaller plant with more available lighting . time to top the shit out of that plant get rid of that box sucks up the light edit you notice the part of the plant directly under the light is very tall the rest is short. this is the bad thing about led . the side lighting is about worthless
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  5. lanky girl.
    get a small quantum board. they are like 100-150 bucks. equal to three 8ths of weed on the street. the quantum board will get you a lot more than that out of that plant in return. you will save money
  6. Yep yep yep :)

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