help-plant issues--deficiency? lights? sick plant still yield? idk

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  1. so hey there smokers and jokers,

    i m new to growing and i had a nice indica bagseed going. it was all good in vegging until like day 38 when the tips of leaves burnt and now a few have question is whether is can still use the plant, flip to 12/12 and see what happens.....i dont know what to do....i have good beans and can start up a few new plants now....what do u all recommend??? i can post pics later if people want....or check out my growth till about a week ago here
  2. You can certainly use the plant and get its normal yield, once any existing issues are delt with. There's another problem there besides the light & temps that looks like Phosphorus deficiency. Posting pics showing the lowest leaves would help to be sure.

  3. thanks mate, i thought i could still work with u know its got a phosphorous deficiency? i am not able to post pics until around 4 est. i will do so...i thought i got nute burn because i was using nutes with soil that already had nutes...that was two feedings before i realized what i was doing.....but i will look into it.....
  4. P-def can look alot like nutrient burn. One of the main differences is that burn will be worse at the lowest & oldest leaves and get better on the way up. The fact that the necrosis is appearing on the middle leaves suggests Phosphorus deficiency. The reason for clear pics of the lower leaves is to be sure which it is.

  5. will post pics...hope u see i need to buy a supplement or will a normal nutrient line like botanicare bloom have this....
  6. This is one example of serious P-def. While the darker green indica leaves will present it slightly differently, note the similarity to your plant's condition.

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  7. yes that is what my plant is lookin like
  8. you think i should buy a phosphorous supp like they got at the hydro store?
  9. Some of the best sources of Phosphorus include Bone Meal and high-P Guanos. They need to be made into teas for manual fertilizations. For ready-to-apply liquid fertilizer, Fox Farm's Tiger Bloom is a good choice for Phosphorus.
  10. i already have a line of nutes and was thinking of either a suppl of phosphorous itself or happy frog phosphorous bat guano
  11. so heres a few pics of the plant as it is today. i went to the hydro store to get some phosphorous or something but the man there was telling me that i had a nitrogen deficiency most likely and not enough air....i am confused. he told me to feed it nutes and keep feeding nutes and the plant will be better. told me to switch to bloom when i flower which i just went into 12/12 yesterday....if anyone can tell me whats up and what i can do to help the plant i would love it.
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    The main problem there is most certainly Phosphorus deficiency. In addition to the necrosis at the leaf tips, notice how some of the less damaged leaves have either deformed or stunted blades, usually on just one half of the leaf. That too is a very common symptom of P-def. Once you start supplying considerably more Phosphorus, the necrosis will stop appearing. The already damaged leaves won't heal, but the problem won't spread further.

    Nitrogen deficiency doesn't usually cause any necrosis and typically doesn't damage only the leaf tips. It causes entire leaves to turn yellow or even whitish.

    The leaves at the top reaching upwards happens when they aren't getting enough water. This water loss is sometimes caused by heat stress. Since you had mentioned that the light was too close & that you moved it away, I thought that issue may have been fixed. Watering cycles should go from moist all the way through the soil, to roughly the top third of the soil being completely bone dry. Keep an eye on the temps at canopy level and be sure to water thoroughly each time. It still needs to mostly dry out between waterings, but when you do water, all of the soil should be moist afterward. Don't be afraid to gently pull the plant from its pot after watering to see how well the unseen soil was moistened. You don't want to do this every time, but a couple times is fine until you know you're watering all the way through. Only pull plants in dim light because the roots don't like the light.

  13. so what kinda phosphorous supplement should i use....i was looking at happy frog hi phosphorous bat guano
  14. so i went with tiger bloom....gonna add it to the mix and feed more water as it seems that may help....will post progress

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