Help plant is falling over?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Hotcakes420, Jul 23, 2019.

  1. Yesterday both the plants were completely fine standing straight but I went and got nutrients and feed them today and after doing so I noticed the one plant falling over and leaves completely turned upside down

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  2. My guess is you either over-watered in your last feeding or the lights may be too close, which may be why they're turning over to try to get away from it. How much water/nutes did you feed her the last time and what kind of lights are you using and how close do you have them above the plants? Are you foliar-feeding them with anything? Why all the droplets on the leaves. I wouldn't recommend spraying them since you're already watering the soil.
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  3. Probably got too heavy for it's stalk after hydrating... If you have plant ties and a stick, you could gently tie her up from top, i would setup oscilating fan but not too close, just so they dance/wiggle a bit in the wind.
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  4. Shell be fine don’t overwater be patient

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  5. Okay yeah I've been reading up and I think your right about the over watering been a couple hours now it seems to be quite better now. still one leaf flipped upside down I use 1000w led grow light about a foot away and right now I've been feeding them a half teaspoon of root farm nutrients (the best I can get in my small town) mixed into a full Gatorade bottle about 3 1/4 of the bottle goes into the both combined today is the first day using nutrients though
  6. As mentioned above by someone....I believe it's because it got too top heavy, esp after watering.....notice how the plant on the left in your pic....the one still standing.....has some water spots on its sure some water spots got caught up in the top leaves/crevices up there on drooping one making it REALLY top heavy and that skinny stalk couldn't support it

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