Help plant 8 weeks into flowering has crispy browning leaves

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    My main issue is the plant in the first picture which is showing signs of some sort of nutrient burn or something. I really would appreciate some help on pin pointing the problem. I am usings Fox farm ocean forest soil which i mixed sith a few parts dolomatic lime during middle veg when transplanted. I used the fox farm nutrient line big bloom, tiger bloom, grow big, open sesame, beastie blooms, and cha ching. I realized last two grows I did that the Open sesame, beastie blooms, and cha ching were to strong for the plants at recommended dosing and so i only use like a 16th of a teaspoons per gallon. For the last week i have been watering with distilled water cut with my home water which has 180-220ppm. I started adding epsom salts at 1-2 tsp per gallon at like 6 weeks into flowering due to unhealthy looking plants especially the tall plant. I read that water with a ppm 180-220 has a lot of calcium and lacks magnesium? So also added some dolomatic lime to the top inches of the soil about 4 tsp per pot. I felt my soil must of been out of magnesium, but i may have been wrong and over dosed them? I also watered like two watering with just plain distilled water then read its bad for the plants since it contains no trace minerals. Take a look at the pictures, all of these plants seem to be odd. The tall one has a lot of nice THC, but droops green leaves. The other two show leaves that are getting brown dots on them and are turning yellow/brown/crispy. The one plant has large buds with lots of hairs, but the calyxes are very small and so there is like no THC as far as i can see with my pocket microscope. I also used Thrive Alive B1-red and GH Diamond Nectar during veg and 2-3 weeks into flowering. I would water every day and every other waterings with nutrients.

    I got a Hortilux 400w HPS and like 18 CFL daylight spectrums around the plants. I got this stuff called Omniflect on the walls, apparently its better than Mylar. I have a like 250-400 CFM can fan. The temp is around low 70 degrees Fahrenheit on the floor, but ranges from 77-93 degrees F the closer you get to the HPS reflector. So i use a small fan to blow towards the tops of the plants to lower the temp to 78-83 Degrees F. Its pretty hard to tell if maybe some spots get hotter than others. I position the fan differently some days since it doesnt oscilate. And honeslty the expensive can fan doesn't seem to do much more than a 16$ can fan at the hardware store. The fan blows through the HPS hood into ducting that goes to an attic.

    This is my 3rd grow from bag seed, next grow im using stuff i ordered from the attitude seed bank. Anyway Right now I have 3 girls, all are larger than I was going for due to the supper cropping type bends i put into the plants. They are only in 1 and a half gallon pots. There cant really be a bug problem as i used Mosquito dunks in a bowl of water and anything that drinks from it dies. Also i watered the top few inches of soil with mosquito dunk water during veg (Mosquito dunks are a compressed poison powder put in water used to kill larvae). I also dont really see many critters flying around. I had a buddy take care of my plants while i was in Europe for 2 weeks during weeks 4-6 of flowering. My buddy is a little slow and may have overdosed some of my plants i also had 6 then and discovered immediately when i got home 3 were hermaphrodites and harvested them. Actually toking on one now its not bad if u get the seeds and nannas out. Probably gonna make bubble outta it.

    Ill name the pictures or something so you know whats what when you respond.
    Please let me know if you think it is a nutrient problem or maybe even the light is to close? Though they weren't showing signs of heat stress for a while even when they touches the HPS hood. going to dry to get a soil PH test kit tomorrow.

    Im concerned b/c i can see some of the small leaves on the top of the main cola are also browning.
    Added more pic's.

    Please help

    Thanks everyone.

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  2. At this point, I wouldn't be overly concerned about plant problems. At 8 weeks into flowering, many yellowing/browning leaves is normal because the plant is utilizing all remaining nutes. Picture #8 shows what looks like a Mg deficiency (yellowing on leaf tips, green on interior). As long as you are using a balanced fertilizer, these kinds of problems should be rare. Adding supplements like epsom salts will help prevent this also. The most important thing is to keep it simple....don't look for problems where there aren't any.
  3. Thank you for your response. I will try to harvest in a few days then.
  4. Also I have been adding epsom salts and dolomatic lime. Both of which are suppose to produce magnesium. I think i may have over done it. Also i use to have 6 plants just as big as these but 3 were hermie so only 3 females remain. None of these plants received as much of the HPS light before the other 3 hermies were harvested. So i think they are behind on budding and should take at least 10 weeks minimum. Just from other post i have read about plants that didn't receive proper light till later.

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