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HELP! Pistils curling brown severly, white mildew

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by drblackthumb, Apr 2, 2010.

  1. Ok, we knew we had a mildew problem and jumped on it when it started a week before flowering. We corrected the humidity to 28-32% and still the white mold mildew keeps coming back. Baking soda/ veg oil/ soap, then neem oil, then Green Light mildew spray. We're burning a 1000 watt per, and now a substantial amount of the Pistils are turning brown and curled up.

    My speculation is because we had to keep spraying it burned them?

    We have four weeks left of 12.

    1. Will these damaged buds keep growing?
    2. Is there anything we can use to stop this mold?!! Its now getting on the small leaves around the buds. We eradicate and next day see more here and there.
    3. Using excellent nutes. Two other rooms we separated them are doing fine, one mold keeps coming back but now Pistil damage.

    The Catch 22 is if we don't keep fucking spraying the mold keeps coming back, if we keep spraying, my speculation is we are burning the Pistils but we don't know. One of us has been doing this 25 years and never had this happen
  2. 12 weeks for WW? no way
    and the hairs dying is natural
  3. I wasn't saying it right. 12 week cycle, we have 4 to go.

    You can tell which of us has the 25 years as I always forget the right lingo.
  4. lol im sorry im retarded... i was tiered last night...
    if u up the temp to 80 and lower the humidity to 40% it will keep the mildew & mold from spreading.
    move the air a lot and keep ur room clean

    if that doesnt help and fungicides dont work then u have some super mold on ur hands

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