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Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by TheHerbivore, Jan 9, 2013.

  1. So I am debating between Da Buddha, SSV, LSV, and Pax.

    I have a sovereignty bong, so I will be doing some vape bonging as well. I mainly only smoke at home, but if I got something super portable like the Pax that might change. I like Da Buddha and SSV because they seem like really well made and good vapes, and Da Buddha is probably the cheapest of all of them so that is an advantage there. LSV also looks cool but is not really portable so it doesn't give me that advantage over a DBV/SSV, and I was wondering if it holds up to the 7th floor whip units when it comes to just straight vaping without a bong? It does however look to produce as strong of vapor as DBV/SSV and can also be used with my bong, in addition I could use the heating element to light bowls when I choose to smoke.

  2. I had a DBV. I like my LSV better, regardless if I use it with a bong or just with the transfer wand. The reason why is that with the LSV, you have an all glass vapor path, bypassing that long whip that not only can add a taste of it's own to the bud, but also has more surface area for condensation to occur.
  3. The LSV is just as portable if not more compared to the DBV/SSV. Why do you believe those are more portable?
  4. The LSV is a plug in.. soo its not really meant for portability. Go with the LSV dude.. Best vape to use with a bong, massive hits (ssv and dbv have huge hits too), EASY maintenance. You cant go wrong with any 7th floor product, but if your going to be vaporbonging go with the LSV.
  5. Go with LSV. None of the 7th floor products are portable, but the LSV is the only one that's handheldm.

    The LSV is better than the DBV and SSV in every way. Its just as powerful, but the transfer wand is better than the whip, and the WPA is better than attempting to do the same with the SSV.
  6. Ok here's one concern I have about the LSV. This is the tube I would be vapor bonging with:

    [ame=]Sovereignty Stemline with Toro Circ Ashcatcher - YouTube[/ame]

    If I take the ashcatcher out, will the WPA and LSV have enough clearance to vape out of just the tube without the AC? or is the joint too close to the main bore? For reference that tube has a bore diameter of 50mm.
  7. My stemline has less clearance than yours, and my LSV does fit. You can't make a full rotation though, the LSV connects at an angle. However, with my ashcatcher it makes it too tall, so I can use it without but not with.

    Yours will fit, but it won't be able to rotate fully. Get a 22 degree angle adapter from planetvape. I did, and now I can rotate fully. It worked fine when I couldn't though.
  8. I personally love the INH004. I'd vote for it over the PAX even though I haven't used the PAX. I've spoken to lots of people who used the PAX and the INH is less maintenance and better taste.

    I'm curious about LSV... never tried but its on my list.
  9. Any more opinions?

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