Help pick lights for 4x4 tent and cabinet

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  1. Have a 4x4 tent and building another 4x4 cabinet for ebb and flow.

    Our 315w CMH ballast burnt out after 7 months. The light was under powered in my opinion so we asked our local grow store what they recommended for a 4x4 tent for flowering and occasional veg. They sold us a Fluence Vyprx. Got home, checked specs and it seems the vyprx is underpowered too. Rated for 3x4. $600 down the drain unless they take it back.

    So now I’d like to ask what I should be shopping for.

    Budget of $600-800 per 4x4 area for lighting. Would prefer LED to keep heat low and electric bill minimal.

    Didn’t see a 2019 post for 4x4 light recommendations. If this is a duplicate post feel free to link me to another thread. Just no old data please.
  2. Oh boy! I might fall down the rabbit hole and get lost on another DIY project.

    I’m not ruling out a DIY light yet but let’s just say I have more money than time these days so I’d be more interested in turnkey solutions.
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  3. Dude this DIY would take just a few minutes if you’ve got some know how. If you can hook speaker wires together you can do these lights easy. Those lights he posted have four lights you can buy two of those lights prebuilt for like $800 but you can build the same like for $300..... lol I mean 4 of those and a driver are $600-$700 to build vs 1,600 pre built. Then you can take that savings and buy mad seeds or something cool. lol im like you but that kinda savings is worth a half hour of time.
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  4. The DIY is super simple, the only “hard part” would be building a frame from aluminum L beams but you can get two of these instead, it’s basically the same setup only preassembled, (and more expensive). Each lamp has two qb96 elites.
    HLG ELITE 360
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  5. Dont forget for the extra couple hundred you get a sweet bluetooth controller on the elite 360. Lol DIY consist of buying 6 pieces of aluminum angle, some wago connectors. If I am not mistaken you would need two of the 360 elites. So that means $1600 for a prebuilt and around $700 to build the same thing yourself. I mean I know you got more money than time but a extra $1000 is no chump change no matter what you have/make. All of the bening said it is a very nice pre assembled light. I have not looked into this light very much but it is a kit with a a rating for a 4.5x4.5. Just thought I would throw it out there that come in about $1000
  6. I second everyone else and say go DIY 4x qb96s powered by 2x 320h-54A drivers. Ive built two of these setups myself and its really pretty easy.

    I do DIY with all my boards, saved over $2000 compared to the premade kits. IMG_20190527_090704_090.jpg

    Conrad's 1480w QB Corner [Perpetual Grow]
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  7. Ok You’re all making sense, a grand could be funnier to spend elsewhere. Can someone point me to a good guide for the heat sink, and frame ?

    When I refer to time it’s more about me. I’ll read 20 threads and 5 videos before I decide what to buy.
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  8. The 96s have a kit idk if it is in right now but it is worth waiting for, it come with the 96 board and heatsink $99. And the aluminum I just picked up at home depot 1/8 in. They also have some other types of aluminum that work well too. I got my drivers from sager electronics but as long as it is the right driver you can buy it from the cheapest source.
  9. There are many ways you can DIY a frame, you could even not build a frame at all and hang the four boards individually for more flexibility. Anyway here’s a video showing how to make a simple frame using aluminum angle beams

    The qb96 engine comes with heat sink and thermal pad, it’s just a a matter of positioning the pad on the heat sink and screwing the board on top with four screws.

    Besides the four qb96 elite engines you will need some 16 or 18 gauge copper wire (300 volt rated at least) a pack of assorted Wago connectors and some rope ratchet hangers to hang the finished light with. Two power supplies (Meanwell HLG-320h-54a)
    And two appliance power cables (drivers come with wires that need to be connected to a power cord with plug)
  10. Great, thanks for the warm welcome and great advice. I'm going to share this info with n engineer that designs boards for Phillips commercial LED lighting to ensure there's no issues with shielding and RF signals. He often speaks of his biggest challenge with light design being RF leaks. If I find out anything useful or of concern I'll post back and share with the community.

    Looks fun and I'm sure the wife will be happy to save money on this project.
  11. How can a light cause RF leaks?
  12. That's a great question and one that I can't answer. Guessing some of it comes from the power supply since he designs those for the lights as well. Then again he operates on another level. Stadium, bridge, exterior skyscraper, and other commercial lighting applications.

    Possible Solutions to LED Lights Causing Electromagnetic Interference (EMF/ RF)
  13. I doubt you will have any issues like that, especially if you get them with Meanwell drivers we recommended, they are very high quality power supplies. BTW the Meanwell HLG series are actually weather proof and rated for outdoor use.
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  14. Fluence spydr should have been a good pick for a 4x4 don't know why they sent you with vypr except for to maybe match wattages and lower sticker shock? I'm testing a new Raymatix light. Not as popular around here ha. People love the Quantum Horticulture Lighting Group lights. It is a little more DIY but I think they have a finished large panel product.

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