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    So I just got done taking care of my friends grow (2.5 hrs), and trimming, watering and trying to fight off the mites on my grow (2 hrs), all after working a ten hour day, and I found this. I'm burned out. I am going to bed but it would be awesome if someone would tell me WTF it is. I really appreciate any help.

    Edit: I didn't mean to post this here but I can't figure out how to delete it. So maybe u still tell me? Lol.

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  2. Looks like you got a male?

  3. Look at all those pistils in the background man. That can't be a male. It's possibly a hermie.
  4. Ah didnt see that. Hermie!!!!!
  5. So hermie means it's a pollen sack and I should chop it down and burn it?
  6. No i think you can still get the stuff from it y did u already chop i t down and burn it
  7. i'm in the same situation!! but instead of choppin it up im just choppin off the pollen sacks!!!
  8. Thats not a male pollen sac. Its a single bud thing that grows really long.... but not male
  9. I haven't chopped it yet. Its just that it's 1 out of 24 plants in that room so I stand to loose a shitload if it pollinates everything. I'd rather kill it than have it fuck up my whole crop.
  10. it's a calyx..

    i see nothing that resembles a hermie or a male sack..

    unless i'm not looking hard enough.
  11. There's a bunch of them mostly on one main limb and not really anywhere else.

    A little history, the plant is in soil, it's an old mother that we figured we'd flower for the hell of it but it's not happy. None of the mothers we put in are doing very well but this is the only one with this.

    Like I said, if it's a pollen sack that fucker is going up in flames cuz I don't need it that bad. Got plenty of others.
  12. if that's what your talking about.. it isn't a pollen sack. it's a calyx..

  13. It could be a seed filled calyx. I had a plant that self seeded on my first harvest. Watch them man, if they don't throw out pistils, they're seeds. You can give them a little squeeze with a pair of tweezers. If it's hard, well you know.
  14. totally a swollen calyx.
    no balls there.

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