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Help.. Peanut Butter Edibles.

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by Cannabisxz, Aug 10, 2011.

  1. Hello everyone.
    I've made 2 attempts at making a peanut butter edible in the past. Followed two different tutorials, neither worked. I tried the firecracker tutorial, then the canna-peanut butter tutorial. I've only tried making edibles with mids. For both attempts, I used at least a gram of mids each time with some kief.

    I have some dank right now. I'd love to make an edible with some of this stuff, but I'm worried of wasting the bud again. Is there not a surefire way to get an edible to work? I'd also like to know how much dank to use for an edible. I've been smoking daily for many years, should an edible get me higher than smoking and last longer even with a high tolerance?
  2. put more than a g especially if its just mids, and make sure u follow all the steps perfectly. for a batch of brownies i use at least a quarter of dank
  3. When you made the edibles in the past, how long did you let them sit before eating. If you don't cook them, they need to sit for around a week to decarb. I use a Mr Coffee grinder to get the bud finely ground and then soak it in oil for a week in the sun. Then strain the oil and cook with it. But you could easily grind the bud and just mix it into the peanut butter and let that sit for a week, smear it on crackers or toast and eat it. Just don't expect edibles to get you higher than bud, especially if you have a tolerance. It's a more subtle high, at least for me.

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