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Help :P

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by KillinTime, Aug 3, 2011.

  1. I buy from my friends sister and I smoke with her and her brother. I think she is pinching from me but I can't tell? Any help on what I should do, should I say something? Should I not buy from her? My other guy hasn't been getting any lately:mad:
  2. She's your sister confront her.
  3. My friends sister
  4. Ohhh are you close to her like family?
  5. Ask to buy in weights, and buy a scale to weigh. Work out together how much you want to pay per gram.
  6. I am usually over there a lot
  7. Then approach, explain your worries, and ask her if she would start weighing in front of you.
  8. Thanks for the advice
  9. If you dont want to come across rude (EVEN THOUGH YOUR TOTALLY ENTITLED TO GET YOUR PRODUCT WEIGHED) becuase i felt a bit like that in the yonder years of my smoking, casually ask her what the bags your buying weigh up to. which will get her to thinking that your no chump hopefully. Then if the bags keep buying are looking a bit skint ask her to weigh up infront of you bro. your money your product.
    Say you trust her but you prefer to see the process.
  10. When I do buy from her she always has to drive to her guy and get's it there and will bring it back
  11. Weigh that shit before you put your cash on the table man.
  12. the oldest excuse in the book translating to: i just need to be alone out of eye view with ur bag so i can pinch the bag and break up a few nugs to make it still look right. that's high school shit, but i almost guarantee thats whats happening. sorry OP, find a new dealer.

  13. Thanks I will most likely do that cause I really am leaning towards she is pinching. I do have another one but he hasn't gotten any in a while. I guess I'll have to find new ones. I'm not sure how I will though
  14. I am to high for this! I read the first 2 words of post like 5 I don't even know!!!
  15. #15 glazedKnuckles, Aug 3, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 15, 2016
    Wait a minute, did that shit like never even cross your mind?
  16. its simple, jus find other ppl ur age who toke at school, skate park, etc and im positive one or more of them will be willing to hook u up with a nice bag. jus dont go from someone sellin dank to someon sellin schwagg.
  17. if so, bang her. dont ask no questions. dont hesitate. jus do it. it'll make yu a man.

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