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    Sup guys,

    I've been doing a lot of research on outdoors growing lately and have a few questions for the guerrilla style growers.

    1. Is nearby stream water good enough as-is or does it require to be filtered or changed to be applied to the plants?

    I have a slight fear that the nearby industry sector would contribute some pollutants to the water, and I'm wondering if anyone goes to lengths to make sure the water is pure by straining it first with something to remove residues (perhaps just a simple cheesecloth) and then perhaps passing it through a brita filter or something, since the water can look quite greenish. (plus do you guys tend to check the pH or anything?)

    2. I was also going to ask if anyone has any experience using a (12V DC perhaps) submersible pump to shuttle some water to their site from a nearby stream, but I figure I might aswell throw a roped gallon plastic bottle and fill up a bigger res nearby? Seems less expensive and cheap to do lol.

    My biggest beef with the watering guerilla style is that it's just really impossible to bring more than two or three gallons of water at a time to the site. With plants this year already needing a gallon each every few days, it's really not pheasible to expect to provide the water for a few more on a regular basis

    Since I'm in the middle of brainstorming and planning for next year, I also came across a thread where someone stashed a 100 gallon container which filled itself up with water over the winter rains and snow, and covered it early spring to prevent it from evaporating, which I think is ingenious.

    Can anyone chime in on any of these methods or provide some of their own techniques for ensuring they have a water supply nearby?


  2. So far iv just been stockpiling on gallons and storing them in a rocky formation which keeps them out of sight. Im thinking about moving location and that isn't going to be feasible anymore.

    I was thinking it would be cool if i could some how build a collapsible container(easy transport) which would be able to collect and store water. I've been to an unknown persons guerrilla grow, and they had set up where a sheet of galvanize would funnel and help collect water which was stored in a large container, with a hose attached to the bottom.
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    RC, ive been fighting the water problem for so long i cant even remember when i started. But today, after probably 20 years of trying this and trying that, ive learned some things and ill be happy as hell to share them with you. I wish there had been someone to give me some info when i starting packing it.

    First let me tell you some absolutes. These are approaches ive tried and experimented with over and over so i know them to be fact.

    1. Water poured on top of the ground around the plant is the least efficient method you can use. Here is the breakdown if you pour a gallon of water on the surface around your plant.
    The water penetrates approximately 2" into the soil,(3 gallons will penetrate 4") 1/3 of that water is lost to evaporation from the sun. Watering at night helps but you still loose a lot. 1/3 is lost to disapation into the surrounding soil, which is also very thirsty and 1/3 goes to the plant.

    I have solved this problem by burying a small plastic bottle full of holes, to its neck, approx. 1' from the plant and i pour the water in that bottle. This distributes the water below the surface where none is lost to evaporation. At the base of my bottle, i put 1gallon of absorbant soil and xtra water crystals so that much of the water poured into the bottle is caught by the absorbant soil and crystals and released slowly over a few days rather than right now. I use a 6oz plastic apple juice bottle but any small plastic bottle will do.

    This method also eliminates the problem that develops when watering over and over. The surface of the soil around the plants becomes very hard and wont accept water anymore. Ive sat by a plant for 20 minutes waiting for the water to sink in. This approach solves that problem as well.

    Soils that have cocohair or peat as its basis looses water through evaporation and dissipation much faster, at almost 2X the rate that a clay based soil will loose. If you have 2 6' plants side by side and one is in peat/coco based soil and the other in a clay based soil, the peat/coco will require twice as much water, twice as often as the clay based medium. There really is no comparison between the 2 types of soil.

    Big plants with big buds need large amounts of water. Small afghani's, not so much. I have a kc33 that needs 4 gallons every other day when its very dry. She's a big girl. I have some Violater kush growing that needs 2 gallons every 5 days.

    Water crystals are vital and mulch is as well. Both are critical for the guerilla.

    Here is a thread that me and some other guerilla's worked on in O8. We tried multiple techniques and maybe some of the designs will give you some ideas. Ideas are what you need
  4. Thanks for the replies guys.

    Yeah Clod, I was definitely thinking of also using some of those crystals.

    Using that technique will for sure also make watering more efficient, but I'm guessing you use quite a few of those plastic bottles around your entire plot then?

    I will look into finding some high quality crystals and try that out. Thanks for your help and I'm looking forward to your PM.

    As for the water cleanliness and getting water from the surroundings, anyone else care to comment?


  5. wow thank you for posting that thread clodhopper.
  6. Hey everyone,

    I carry ALL my water to my site. I use two rucksacks which I fill with containers with a total of 30 Litres. I carry this weight every two days. My babies are thirsty in this 30ºC + heat.

    Hiking in the water is a biatch though and next year I will surely seek a location with a nearby stream because it makes life a lot easier.

  7. I use those 5 gal coleman collapsable camping containers

    And hike them in they are a biatch though

    Def river or stream next year
  8. I dug a 5 wide x5 deep hole bought some pond liner and 2 65gal olive container drums
    from home depot, leap frogged the water in with a little honda water pump with plenty of hoses then, covered it with a tarp. 150 gallons lasts me almost 2 months.

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