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  1. image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg I have a clone of blackberry kush I put out in early June and it started flowering in early July. It has flowers that the pistols have gone half reddish the rest are white but the flowers started to not develop as fast and now there is new growth on all the tops. It's July 26th in central California. It's about 5 feet tall and 4' wide, very bushy and stout in a 30 gallon smart pot.
    Will the buds continue on the bottom or just stop untill the new growth starts flowering on top?
    Has anyone seen this?
    I believe the plant is confused, I'm pretty sure it's been cloned over and over inside. image.jpg

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  2. I know it’s a old post but I have a plant doing the same thing at the moment. Did you let it re veg and cut off the flowers or just let it keep doing its thing?
  3. I don't think OP is going to answer back. He made this one post and was never back.

    If you are in the southern hemisphere your plant should fully revert to vegetative growth. Outdoor with only natural light.
    You can speed up the process by providing supplemental light for a few hours after sundown.
  4. If it's been growed and started under lights indoors and put outdoors they will usually go into budding.I got lucky on mine this year I got my clones started about first of March and try keep the lights the same as outside if it's day light 10 hours I'll change my lights to 10 hours and not a problem.

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  5. Thanks for the reply’s. Yes I’m in the Southern Hemisphere I’m in Australia. I started my plants outdoors thinking I’ll get the jump on the on. But obviously done worse then good. My plants had started flowering but his started re vegging now. We are still in spring here. Should I just leave them ? I’ve read bout cutting the flowers off should I also be feeding them as vegging again now?
  6. Here’s a few photos of them

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  7. Any one have any ideas what I should do with them?

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