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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by prodigy, Jun 24, 2004.

  1. write I have a few questions and if an experienced outdoor grower could help that would be great:

    1. I grow in the u.k I have an abandoned house which i am going to let my 7 plants grow until about 4". The house has like 1 acre of land all covered in thorns and stinging netels about 4 foot high.Should make a little grow area in the soil like a veg patch, or should I plant them in pots and just put them in the thorns.

    2.Would someone please sejustsa go teqnique for the plants to go unnoticed. So it blends in wit the surroundingds.

    3.Is there a possible way for me to put animals of the plant.

    4. Can I harvest and dry outside as the peeps I will wit dnt like the smell.

    Thanks anyone its a problem which I need the awnser to quick cheers
  2. 1. i dont think near the abandoned house is a good idea... it attracts alot of attention... what if sum1 comes to tear it down and finds your plants there? ooops.... secondly the thorns could be a small problem as long as you keep them away from your plants you should be okay.... so either dig up a nice space or use buckets....

    2. A good technique for plants to go unoticed.... hmmmm well noticeable they are but you can cut down on your height of the plants by "topping" or 'FIM' look it up in the forums.. and if you cant find it there look it up at overgrow i know the y have sum facts on it.

    3. animals..... well depends on what your talkin about.... i know animals like deer etc stay away from plants with simply human hair being around.... the scent throws them off.... i kno smaller animals like rabits stay away from simply human urine.... but theres also store bought products u can buy that would help keep them away.

    4. Drying outside .... only way i can think of is cuttin the plant completly down and hangin it upside down in a shaded area for a couple of days.... other than that you would have to build a cardboard box and hang your buds from that... either way the crop is going to most likely smell... even after its been dried so u would be better of drying it indoors if you can...

    peace out sam.
  3. Cheers for that information man. I know noone goes there out the back imean i have been going there for 2 years for a bifta with friends and shit. And we only discovered in the autum a way around it took us 1 and a half ta find it, lol so i know it will be safe. Also i have cheaked about theownership of the land the land is owned by waitrose and they have not got building permission as my mum rented a shopin the highstreet and i know that also i know that its going to take more then 3 months for the buying to go through and plans to be made so i safe with that.

    I aint worried about the smell i may dry it at a mates house so tht might be an easier option. Cheers for the advice sam

    peace out
  4. I quite like the idea. Is it in a real state? does it have a roof? If not, try to pot the plants on the first floor out of the way and where they will be shaded from the elements but will get enough sunlight.

    Animals tend not to hang aroung if they know peoople go there, so you should be alright but take advice from our friend who posted last and take a piss or leave an old t-shirt near your plants. The only wildlife you would have problems with are cats and dogs who might piss on them and cats like to dig near plants.

    To dry them outside you would need to hany them upside down in - ideally in large paper bags. The best thing I've found for this is old potato sacks. They are used for exactly the same purpose you are looking for.

    Happy growing.

    Oh, you will need to make sure that the thorny stuff stays away from your plants as they have a tendancy to strangle everything that's around. Also, come the end of summer they might bare fruit and people may wish to pick the berries and see your plants - not good. Plus the birds would be all over them in autumn to take the ripe berries. The berries hold a great deal of sticky juice and you don't want that on your plants.

    Have fun

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