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  1. So i got a little greenhouse called the nano-dome, the sunblaster t5 running my few plants here in america and I got one problem which has been keeping me from growing about five times now, and its yellowing or browning. So i just started seeing my first real leaves and they already are starting to turn brown. I have some in roots soil and some in rockwool cubes. Ill show you guys some ppictures and Ill tell you about my nice little grow box hidden inside of a large black suitcase in the corner of my room, no one ever would think it was a grow box plus just zip it up and its light proof. also after throwing blankets and another suitcase on top, noone would ever go in there on accident. I actually had a cop come look through my house when my alarm system went off when we werent home and he HAD to check every room and closet for a criminal, my heart went nuts when i heard a fed was going to the house cause the alarm went off, turns out that the door was left slightly open and the wind pushed it open. Ill tell you more cool shit cuz my grow experience has been legendary. Plus I got a hydro shop up the street. I really hope you can help me out cuz i dont really care bout these plants, i have like 50 in germ, and 180 in the mail so im straight, just need to solve this problem. I need to go buy a ph tester but want to only pay 10 bucks so im bout to order one. Thanks, Gabe.. Happy new years you FOOLS!!! HAHAHAH i just said that because if youve read this far, you know alot about me and your my holmes so were cool... LOL PEACE.

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