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  1. Easy peeps, looking for a bit of help.

    I think I might of ballsed my first attempt at growing and hoping you might be able to confirm it so I don't waste anymore time waiting around for them.

    Basically I planted my seeds too deep. I only found this out after I'd planted them ( obviously ) so I went and dug down to them in the pots. They were around 2" deep with no really sign of growth (root or stem).

    I've now covered them again with just abit of soil and stuck them back in the tent.

    So, any chance there gonna grow?

    Cheers and hi.

    P.S they'd been in the pots for 3 days before I dug them up if that matters?
  2. Sweetie, the old moist paper towel on a saucer in a baggie, works! That's why we use it so often to start our seeds.

    Your seeds may still grow. If the soil wasn't damp enough to set off germination, you still have a chance with them. Next time READ the "How to grow" section and avoid those dumb beginner's mistakes! That's what GC is for!

    Another thing you didn't do is to micrrowave your soil before planting your seeds! Nuking your soil kills the spores for "damping off". "Damping off" kills millions of seedlings every day! A fan blowing gently on your seedlings also helps to prevent this fungal disease of plants.

  3. Thanks for the advice.

    I did germinate the seeds first using the paper towel method, there just wasn't any additional root growth when I dug down to them ( I planted with very small sprouts).

    Gonna give them until weekend and see if anything happens, if not I'll get some more seeds and have a good read before planting them.

    I was using Big Buddha "big Buddha cheese" anyone grew these before ?

  4. never dig up a sprout.... you may destroy the chances of it growing that way. It took me once 7 days for a seed to pop out of the grown.

    Makes sure the tap root is around a half of inch long time before it grows in the grown.
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    Too late not dig them up, already done. I didn't actually dig them up, just removed enough dirt from above them as so they wasn't around 2" deep in the pots.

    I didn't let them get a very good root before planting them either.

    Oh well, live and learn !

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