help on yellowing on tip of leave and some on the edge or around the leave

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by katie, Dec 1, 2003.

  1. what can i do?
  2. well welcome to the site......just arrived and needing help, must be we'll need to know a bit more first, like how old the plant is, what soil type/hydro it is in......have you added any ferts?.....if so how much and how gives us a better picture, and limits down the possibilities.......a pic is also sounds like overfert, but it could be other things as well..........Peace out.......Sid
  3. first i don't know how to call the type of soil that i am using and we mix our our fert by a chart from a professional, and we put fert one first day, water on second day, then fert again, and water, and fert keep going and going,

    the they are 6 weeks now, and flowers are almost done.
  4. 6 weeks old?, or been flowering for 6 weeks?............Peace out.......Sid
  5. only flower for 3 weeks
  6. i don't use the fert with that ??-??-??, i mix it ourself with bloom....grow......something like that, and they are a chart that from professional grower.
  7. but the expert told me to go one day for fert one day water keep on going like that......fert, water, fert, water....
  8. so what is the different between the brown and yellow, please detail.....

    and it is normal to turn yellow at the end of flowering? because i think next week would be the last week of flowering.
  9. lots of experts out there in the world.

    and experts are like assholes. there are way too many of them and they all stink. but with that said ill give ya my expert advice...

    my guess is ur 'mix' is missing a micro nut.
    no biggie, just let the flowering end and get urself a more standardized blend of ferts. for next time. or maybe a foliar spray of a standardized blend just to give it a boost. u still have time, the buds young.

    also i have been using superthrive for the past year and i have to say that im impressed with the results. and one thing that i noticed is that a general lack of yellowing around the edges and old leaves.

    also salty water puts pressure on the leaf and can put in a yellowing tip.

    also the faster the plant grows, the faster the nuts get used up and the faster those solar panels get used up and the very tip of the leaf is the very first part of the solar panel, so its older than the rest of the leaf. and have u ever walked into a 80 year old coal plant compared to a brand new one? some pt ur gonna have to quit that on/off fert's or ur bud will taste like ur smoking metal.

    maybe one good fert now and forgetabout it til the end.

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