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help on state lines

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by rodneydude23, Mar 11, 2012.

  1. ok so ive never taken a road trip out of my state and was wondering how bad state lines are about weed? do they have dogs n shit like at the mexican border?
  2. Can't speak for Texas specifically, but I've never seen a block at a state line. I'd say its the same risk as any other road within the state.
  3. yeah its usually just a sign " You are entering Indiana" no stops. the road just keeps goin
  4. You have NEVER left your state before? Like... ever?

    I can't believe this is a serious question.. oh my.

    No there are not dogs at state lines LOL. There is nothing at state lines except a sign saying "Welcome to ___"
  5. Not sure about dogs but definitely plenty of electric fences, minefields, perhaps even a search tower or two, so dont try anythig at night.
  6. Yea they do have dogs on the border, they only use them when your coming back from Mexico though. You don't gotta worry about going there they will just let you pass without getting searched unless the tsa took over the borders too lol watch out for los zetas
  7. Only on the border of the country do you have to worry.
  8. Yea this is america, state lines arent guarded but you might not want to be smoking a joint and holding a fat sack while crossing over them. could get you into some pretty serious felony charges.
  9. Yeah, only across international borders.
  10. You'll just see a sign that says "Welcome to our fucking state, buckle up shit is crazy over here" or somethings along those lines and th road just keeps going as if nothing has changes because it hasn't.
  11. oh ok good thats what i thought just needed some confirmation.

    and no i never crossed state lines, because of school and work mainly, oh and never went as a kid.
  12. In Tx I know they have shit like that lots of places, cuz Tx does it dIrTyyy :D

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