help on starting my first grow!

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by laidbacklotus, Oct 4, 2010.

  1. I am a first timer.. i've read the "NOOBIE" post for all beginners and it helped quite a bit.. Now i'm looking for some more specific help. I'm looking to grow 2 plants, i need someone to hook me up with a legit seed bank as well as what seeds i should invest in. i also need help as far as what lights to buy, how to germinate the seeds, how long for the lights to be on, what supplements, and what type of water... pretty much the whole 9 yards, i'm sure this post comes around pretty often, but some help would be well appreciated.
  2. Well i heard Attitude seed bank is one of the best i order monday from their hopefully ill have them this week and they give freebies and u can buy single seeds=] as for the other thing just read some of the "stickes" which is the red ones that stay at the top. u can find almost everything u need in those =] take about a week to search through them and u will answer most of you questions=]
  3. yeah i just read grandpa's grow guide! helped alot!
    i'm just lookin for a lightsource to handle 2 plants. anyone with a suggestion?

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